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no sunset on sunset

31/01/2014, acne, ankle boots, la

 photo chsun6_zps6ee3371f.jpg photo chsun3_zps8df89933.jpg photo chsun1_zps65a2d229.jpg photo chsun2_zpse3e215ab.jpg photo chsun10_zpsd8c70a4f.jpg photo chsun7_zps5e444a26.jpg photo chsun11_zpse318e20e.jpg

(Acne Velocite shearling jacket and cap, Bec and Bridge sheer tank, T Alexander Wang satin bra, Ba&sh trousers, Theory Alito boots, Goyard shoulder bag)

Wearing your shoulder bag inside of your jacket is the new not ever putting your jacket on completely, but it’s of course best to do both if possible. So yesterday morning I woke up in this very specific mood to drown in my clothes and this is what I ended up with. The slouchy/sloppy trousers and bag are fresh from Paris last week and the rest is stuff you’ve seen before on here. Wore this in the LA almost-rain to run some errands in the city. Yes it was freezing and yes I’m terrified to head to New York on Sunday so I am forced to revise that statement. Also excited though! Fashion week looms.

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30/01/2014, la

 photo av1_zps98df9162.jpg photo av6_zpsd3db8d18.jpg photo av3_zps032c7bae.jpg photo av4_zpsac1ebf00.jpg photo av2_zpsf9c62d80.jpg photo av9_zps4a0ec2d1.jpg photo av7_zps0b85d822.jpg photo av10_zpsf863fb73.jpg

(Alexander Wang chenille turtleneck, Reformation Ozone dress, Theyskens’ Theory cross strap wedges, Terzakou Paris shoulder bag, Hortense and Catbird rose gold rings)

Swanning around yesterday on Melrose in the last bits of daylight. So I love recycling pieces from my closet. If I like something, I commit wholly and would ideally be able to come up with a million ways to wear it into the ground. Which I’ve done almost to a fault for fashion blogging standards with these items (sorry?). But I love the extra touch of overboard-ness and texture this bag I got in Paris in October adds. Inky color palette you are addictive.

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mixing inks

28/01/2014, isabel marant, la

 photo smb2_zps8b9e15ce.jpg photo smb_zps6bf6bffe.jpg photo smb3_zps54f86800.jpg

(Isabel Marant cutout sweater and folded skirt, Phillip Lim mules, Theory muff bag)

Inky elevated basics for another beautiful Santa Monica sunset. This sweater had been haunting me since the exact moment it hit the runway – I love the notched hem and massive cutout. The most ’90s thing to somehow not actually look that ’90s on.

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full exposure

25/01/2014, General

 photo sbox5_zps1f14049d.jpg photo sbox1_zpsad18fad6.jpg photo sbox3_zpse87212fa.jpg

Sitting down with an eyeshadow palette packed with a rainbow of neutrals is something that just makes me happy. I’m loving Smashbox’s Full Exposure Palette – it comes with suggestions on how to use the mattes and neutrals to work with your exact eye shape. I used the light taupes on my lids and a tiny bit of light shimmer at the inner corners to create this look with my favorite cat eye. Definitely going to experiment with a smokier gunmetal style next.

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moonlit melrose

24/01/2014, california love, goyard, la, white dresses anonymous

 photo melrose4_zpsbfecf903.jpg photo melrose2_zps1f348a48.jpg

A couple things that made it back from Paris to LA – Bash Paris’ simple oversized robe dress and Goyard’s every day-applicable shoulder bag.

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