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daisy marc jacobs and the popup tweet shop

14/02/2014, General

 photo mjdaisy2_zps2af34190.jpg photo daisy-marcjacobs-fashiontoast_zpsd7636abd.jpg photo MJdaisychainThursSm4_zpsa63bd2ea.jpg photo mjDAISY8_zps28d56b59.jpg

I stopped by to hang out at the MJ popup tweet shop in Soho in between shows during fashion week – how fun is the concept of hashtag as currency? They had manicures, Langley Fox’s beautiful illustrations on every wall, and pieces to win by posting to Twitter and Instagram. I entertained myself by balancing things with long stems behind my ears. Such a fun interactive concept for one of my favorite fragrances.

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not no slouch myself

12/02/2014, General

 photo steps1_zps5c347cc8.jpg photo steps10_zps9b8c09d3.jpg photo steps9_zps81946d8a.jpg photo steps7_zpscb8399d0.jpg photo steps11_zpsa38d8525.jpg photo steps12_zpsb7199cb5.jpg

(Sonia Rykiel coat, Jenni Kayne top, Reformation trousers, Terzakou Paris shoulder bag, Barbara Bui boots)

There’s no right way to wear a nude mesh top in the middle of winter/the daytime but if it needs to happen, wear your drowniest other clothes over layers of tights and socks and fill your grandpa coat up with Japanese pocket warmers. This outfit was from two days ago here at NYFW, shot right outside the Phillip Lim show on W 33rd Street. I know I normally stick to Reformation’s tinier more lingerie-like pieces but I am actually fully obsessed with these trousers right now. High-ish waisted voluminous perfection.

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life is a beautiful sport with lacoste

05/02/2014, General

 photo lp6_zps0953d1a6.jpg photo lp1_zpsf30efa00.jpg photo lp2_zps10d5f260.jpg photo lp3_zpse5c2c6ca.jpg photo lp9_zpsd628f7f3.jpg

It was such an honor to be in Paris with Lacoste for the launch of their Life is a Beautiful Sport campaign. I wore a leather and neoprene top from their fall collection, fitted at the torso and oversized to a very fun degree everywhere else. I love the new clean and minimal approach that Felipe Oliveira Baptista has applied to the iconic brand – take a look at the video below. Thanks so much to the Lacoste team for having me and I can’t wait to show you the second part of our collaboration!

YouTube Preview Image
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04/02/2014, General

 photo trill1_zpse7dedd13.jpg photo trill2_zps048cb7e4.jpg

(Reformation Lola dress, Céline espadrilles, Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag)

Last day in LA before leaving for NYFW – super casual and comfortable in this dress that Liv Tyler would have totally demolished in the ’90s and my most slipper-like footwear.

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no sunset on sunset

31/01/2014, acne, ankle boots, la

 photo chsun6_zps6ee3371f.jpg photo chsun3_zps8df89933.jpg photo chsun1_zps65a2d229.jpg photo chsun2_zpse3e215ab.jpg photo chsun10_zpsd8c70a4f.jpg photo chsun7_zps5e444a26.jpg photo chsun11_zpse318e20e.jpg

(Acne Velocite shearling jacket and cap, Bec and Bridge sheer tank, T Alexander Wang satin bra, Ba&sh trousers, Theory Alito boots, Goyard shoulder bag)

Wearing your shoulder bag inside of your jacket is the new not ever putting your jacket on completely, but it’s of course best to do both if possible. So yesterday morning I woke up in this very specific mood to drown in my clothes and this is what I ended up with. The slouchy/sloppy trousers and bag are fresh from Paris last week and the rest is stuff you’ve seen before on here. Wore this in the LA almost-rain to run some errands in the city. Yes it was freezing and yes I’m terrified to head to New York on Sunday so I am forced to revise that statement. Also excited though! Fashion week looms.

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