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the bolas

05/03/2014, la, stone cold fox

 photo lf1_zps5e97dcdd.jpg photo lf3_zps9f0793e8.jpg

(Stone Cold Fox Bolas dress, Céline platforms and sunglasses, Goyard shoulder bag)

Instant death when I saw this dress in the SCF lookbook a few months ago. Basically backless, mustardy, and zippers that let you control leg exposure amount with precision? Sold. So happy to be back in LA and able to give in to default slipdress mode.

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winter sun in the tuileries

01/03/2014, balenciaga cutout boots, paris

 photo IMG_9363_zps043479e6.jpg photo tuil5_zps8c3ea489.jpg photo tuil4_zps4cf0e252.jpg

(Theory Seymour coat, ba&sh cashmere top and shorts, Wolford tights, Goyard shoulder bag, Balenciaga cutout boots, Céline sunglasses, jewelry by Line & Jo and Cartier)

Last month on a bright day in Paris, I tried to jump the gun on this cashmere pseudo-romper I had picked up at Printemps by adding the ol’ Seymour and some high denier tights. For how much I didn’t feel bogged down by heavy winter gear, I guess I was pretty warm? Still, can’t wait to wear this little navy suit with espadrilles and little else.

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golden hour after marc by marc

26/02/2014, acne, brr dude, fashion week, nyc

 photo mj6_zps8cde0a22.jpg photo mj1_zps90106e38.jpg photo mj7_zps39303b34.jpg photo mj2_zps277daa31.jpg photo mj3_zps6a2e466e.jpg

(Acne Velocite shearling jacket, Reformation slipdress, Barbara Bui gold top, Goyard shoulder bag, Céline sunglasses, Saint Laurent Classic Paris boot)

Triply golden in the freezing sunshine, a matte sequin..breastplate, and some newly installed ombré outside the Marc by Marc show. Some holy grail outerwear is capable of being the only thing shielding you from the elements in a New York winter if you stuff the pockets with Hothands warmers. Boyfriend fit biker jacket-obsessed.

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pleats on pleats outside marchesa

25/02/2014, brr dude, fashion week, nyc

 photo bryN_zpsc92243be.jpg photo bryant1_zps3715e963.jpg photo bryant2_zpsd1c723c0.jpg

(Michael Kors hooded coat, Suno pleated top, Alexander Wang pleated leather skirt, Wolford tights, Theyskens’ Theory boots, Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag)

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23/02/2014, alexander wang, california love, palm springs

 photo ni_zpse0c3b4f3.jpg photo indr13_zps8fd8b1b6.jpg photo ind5_zps33c6eb43.jpg photo indr14_zps10a987e9.jpg photo indr4_zpsd630c42a.jpg photo indr11_zps4847f46b.jpg photo ind4_zps0f382ef2.jpg photo indr10_zpse9395571.jpg

(Phoebe English top, Alexander Wang trench coat and pleated skirt, sneakers from Harajuku)

Getaway to the opposite of New York fashion week – sun soaked Palm Springs. This top I got from Dover Street Market while I was out on that side of the country, I like it enough but the mere fact that the label reads “100% elastic” would have probably sold it alone. The more literal the bandage-ness of bandage clothing the better. I love it with these pieces from the Alexander Wang spring collection and my Harajuku nurse slip-ons.

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