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mixed metals

21/05/2013, details, jewelry


Right in the middle of packing for a trip is always my favorite time to sit down in a cross-eyed daze and compulsively organize pretty much anything. It’s all about stalling but not losing the air of productivity. I scooped up handfuls of jewelry from all over my house to make this shot happen. Lo my current favorites. Anyone else still using this zodiac ring organizer? Just me? Probably. Just a few more hours now till I’m off to Morocco!

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against silver

18/05/2013, la, rag & bone, theyskens' theory, topshop


photos by Ben Baller

(Theyskens’ Theory blazer, Brandy Melville tank, Rag & Bone High Clare Shorts, Topshop Paige boots, Dylan Kain Ryder bag)

Lace shorts and leather shorts have been equally cherished but separately cherished categories in my closet for multiple years now, both having that borderline inappropriate allure I love so much. Well, separate no longer, basically cause Rag & Bone gets me like that.

I’ve been in LA for a rare couple weeks straight now and have found a happy routine of kitchen experimentation, all day dates with Colin, and the most regular workout schedule I’ve maintained in a long long time. Going to make sure to savor this before I’m off on my next trip on Wednesday. New country, oh and new continent too. So excited!

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hair therapy

15/05/2013, beauty


Maybe it was in response to the conditioner woes voiced in my Into the Gloss interview, maybe not, but I’m not complaining about receiving a boxful of Frederic Fekkai to try. When it comes to higher end conditioners, the only thing that makes them worth it to me is if they can make parched ends feel hair-textured again. It’s been about a month of solid use now and the Keratin Conditioner and Hair Repair Mask are now at addiction status. Even just a tiny bit of the mask at the ends and my hair dries shiny with extremely minimal effort. Thank you Fekkai!

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sakura storm

12/05/2013, california love, céline, la, proenza schouler, zara


(Sandro blazer, Theory tank top, Zara skort, Proenza Schouler boots, Céline oversized Audrey sunglasses and hologram clutch)

Felt like it was about time to add another entry to the internet’s parchment scroll of a Zara skort archive. So many ways to wear this pointy little loincloth and so tempting is it to explore more that I’m going to have to cut myself off and by that I mean start wearing the black version instead. Hope everyone is enjoying Mother’s Day! I’m promising an extravaganza of something or other for the next time I visit my beautiful mother.

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bahamian getaway

10/05/2013, beach life, isabel marant


From last weekend in beautiful Nassau! I was invited by The Cove Atlantis to hang out for a couple days where the only brain utilization necessary was deciding how to allocate time properly to falling asleep in a cabana, swimming with dolphins, wandering around the casino in terrified awe, feasting at Nobu, and swimming in the actually warm ocean. Don’t hate me too much, the trip was so nonstop that it was kind of over in an instant. I wore about three and a half scraps of clothing the whole time, mostly consisting of a Marysia bikini, Ark & Co. scalloped shorts, and an old season Isabel Marant dress I pounced on recently. That chain bedecked knee boot season was one of the best. Thank you to The Cove for spoiling us and the crew Matthew, Pamela Love, Rebecca Minkoff, Samantha Barks, Selita Ebanks, and Bryanboy for general hijinks. Cue the Instagram dot connectors!


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