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04/07/2008, General

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My other new Forever 21 skirt – it’s this weird metallic floral brocade. Happy 4th!!

H&M jacket, Gap shirt, Bebe heels.

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This week’s auctions

02/07/2008, General

Click to check ‘em out!

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More zips, more studs

02/07/2008, General

I am of the probably very small party that thinks that Bebe comes out with some pretty alright shoes once in a while. You just have to look past the rhinestone encrusted “athletic wear”. I originally wanted to go to check this pair out but once I saw these on the busty mannequin, I knew I needed them. Once I handled them, I fell in love with the aggressive textured leather and S&M zippers. Mmm. Obviously, I wish the heel was chunkier, but I’ll try to deal with it. Lulu argued that the stripper heel kind of ruined them, but, well, I know when I want something, and I’ve never gotten the ’04 Balenciagas that they’re a knockoff of off my mind. It’s inexplicably satisfying to zip the foot into a sandal. I seem to be falling for zippers as hard as I did fringe, between the Nightingale, the ‘stute heels, and this (selling out by the second) dress I ordered from Topshop this morning.

Oh and this jacket has kind of a funny story – I TOTALLY owned it when I was in high school, it was one of my treasured Urban Outfitters items (remember that company Bulldog? it’s by them). I, of course, long since lost track of it but I found the same one in a thrift store last month. Reunited!

Jacket, secondhand. Skirt, sweatshirt top, and necklaces, Forever 21. Heels, Bebe.

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Vogue Girl Korea!

28/06/2008, General

I’ve been in a sorry state the past few days with an energy-draining cold I’ve been grappling with, so when the postman rang the doorbell yesterday I didn’t manage to answer it in time and had to flag him down barefoot in my sick uniform of yoga pants and cardigan. Must have been quite the sight, but I signed for my package and got really excited when I saw that it was from Korea and in magazine form. I tore it open and the editor that had contacted me for the World Blogger feature had kindly marked the page with a Post-it note. It’s quite surreal seeing photos of myself in print (though I can’t decide how embarrassed I am to be wearing the same shoes in almost every photo..heh..), and I’m very honored to be included in this story – so thank you very much Vogue Girl Korea! I was so happy to see a diverse bunch of familiar blogger faces from all over the world, but I won’t ruin it by posting their pages too. I actually haven’t ever been able to look at an issue of Vogue Girl since I never see it for sale anywhere here in the US, but I must say it’s really fun to flip through even though I can’t read a single bit of it.

Now to work on getting better so I can get back to posting outfits and filling the store with all the crazy cool stuff I’ve found lately. And partake in drunken 4th of July festivities, of course.

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Lanphear does cheap chic

27/06/2008, inspiration

I always look forward to seeing Kate Lanphear’s work in Elle, though not as much as I do to seeing random street style snaps of her on The Sartorialist and – her futuristic crop of white hair is always perfectly set off by her grungy/edgy style. If you thought there were only so many ways to wear black, just check out her thread at The Fashion Spot.

Last week, when airport boredom led me to the magazine stand, I stopped obnoxiously lingering and flipping and purchased the issue on the spot after seeing this editorial featuring her styling work. The pieces she used are ridiculously cheap, the details listing off brands such as Forever 21, Fruit of the Loom, and Converse for Target, though they are spruced up by thousands and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Gotta keep it high fashion somehow, duh. The pieces she used are very familiar (lamé leggings, denim shorts/vest, leather jacket) but taken to another level. I dug out my scanner that I haven’t touched for about two years to share these, so sorry if they’re crooked, horridly done, etc. – I can seriously never manage to align the pages properly. Now to find those amazing stripey knit shorts…

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