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We can stare at the pink sky

04/08/2008, General

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Leopard print jersey tunic, secondhand. Heels, Marni. Cuff, Forever 21.

Short absence = WE GOT KITTENS. I am in love and have decided that they could be the solution to never being sad again. So my boyfriend and I spent the weekend doing all kinds of un-Rumi things like waiting for hours at the vet and wondering what kind of cat shampoos to buy. They are so cute I might die. Pictures to come.

Equally exciting, we are going to New York! From September 3-8 we will get lost all over the place in the city I’ve always obsessively fantasized about living in. When is the NY Topshop opening again? Any ideas for where I need to spend ludicrously? Cannot wait.

On the other end up the life spectrum, I got what should have been the easiest haircut ever (cut an inch off, fix what I did to my bangs..thanksss…) but the remarkably incapable girl ended up cutting my bangs so short they are no longer visually acceptable. Whyyy. This is probably the other reason I haven’t posted in the past couple days, the wounds are still being licked. I foresee a lot of desperate pinning and braiding in the near future, along with the consumption of as many vitamins and supplements I can scrounge up so I can delude myself into thinking my hair is growing faster. Okay I will stop complaining now. I AM GOING TO NEW YORK.

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You’re on my mind…

31/07/2008, inspiration

There’s something so satisfying about making mind-numbingly tedious Photoshop collages. Can you guess what I bought?

Images: shopstyle, paris vogue via diorette, ebay,, thefashionspot, stockholmstreetstyle

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30/07/2008, General

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Defaulted to denim shorts today..I dug up this highly sheer silk top from Express that I bought years and years ago and NEVER wore. Mostly because I didn’t know what to wear under it, which I solved today except not really. But hey, I figured it was okay to wear it alone if I kept the blazer on. My quest to get wear out of all my shoes continues..I haven’t even bought any since the lace-up Chloes, which sadly is quite an achievement. And yes, that was only a week ago.

Blazer, H&M. Shorts, necklaces, and bag, vintage. Tank, Express. Heels, Jeffrey Campbell.

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erin’s work

29/07/2008, General

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Erin was sweet enough to make these drawings – she definitely captured my signature loose top/tiny skirt/heels. I love the paper doll quality of her if only my legs were really that long!

Thank you Erin!

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end of the earth

28/07/2008, california love, sd, vintage

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My boyfriend’s grandmother has this huge sprawling ranch right on the Mexican border that was just begging for some vintage to be shot there. Casually strewn about in one corner is everything from old mailboxes and mattresses to dusty spice jars and once-loved bits of children’s playgrounds. All that’s audible there is the sound of horses trotting and whinnying and roosters crying, which combined with the murkily overcast, humid day created a rather surreal environment. We normally try to avoid taking photos on cloudy days since it can be difficult, but I think the way these came out suits the environment pretty well. Look for some sweet jumpsuits and hot body con dresses in store this week.

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