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last day in rabat

09/06/2013, ankle boots, isabel marant, morocco, rag & bone


(Anine Bing top, Iro Owen pants, Isabel Marant Caleen boots, Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora, Jennifer Zeuner Nezareh and Mini Raquel necklaces)

From the last day in Rabat with that twinge of having to leave soon making everything around us that much more beautiful. Somehow the most pajama-like combination my suitcase had to offer was the only one I hadn’t worn yet. The loose pants I got in Paris back in March during a strategic Iro rampage, the top is yet another perfect Anine Bing basic.

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splashing in the water to the beat

08/06/2013, beach life, california love, topshop


photos by me and Colin

(Brandy Melville USA knit tank, Topshop suede shorts, gas station sunglasses)

Hanging out at my favorite unincorporated surf town. Bolinas is only accessible via windy roads mountain goats might think twice about and purposefully unmarked by signs, but once you’re there it’s all wild raspberries growing on the side of the road, surfers loping towards the sand, and however you would describe the vibe where people are wringing out their laundry and setting up lawn chairs where the mayor’s office would probably have been if it existed. I wore bisque on ivory on white in the form of $6 liquor store shades. The easiest.

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brown bag it

05/06/2013, back to the woods, california love


photos Colin Sokol

(RVCA Beach Bum dress, Jennifer Zeuner Nezareh and Mini Raquel necklaces)

What I did was I went and found the most burlap sack-looking thing around. Sometimes I wonder what I have against myself. But I love it. If you ask me, this is the summer of spaghetti straps and cheesecloth.

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the chellah ruins

03/06/2013, isabel marant, morocco, vintage


(LF sweater, Iro Irwin skirt, vintage bag, Isabel Marant Carol sandals)

There’s an eerie knocking sound that storks make by tapping their beaks really quickly which, along with dead silence, was the only soundtrack to the hour spent wandering around the obviously super haunted ruins of Chellah outside of Rabat. I’m not sure if it was just luck that we went when it was so deserted – it’s definitely one of those overgrown cat-ruled type of spots that I try not to skip when visiting a new place. I really don’t know where to start with the Morocco posting, the volume of incredible things I saw makes it kind of like staring up a sheer cliff face. But new animal friends can’t be a bad place to set off from? Or something? I wore my current default sandals with that Iro skirt, an old cropped knit I packed last minute, and a bright woven bag I found at a swap meet in San Diego forever ago.

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hold that pose

29/05/2013, céline, home sweet home, isabel marant, la, topshop

 photo suedelaser4_zps7e90772f.jpg photo suedelaser1_zps465651c5.jpg photo topshop1_zpsc61ce8f7.jpg photo suedelaser9_zpsb15cd643.jpg photo suedelaser6_zps37b6bdf7.jpg

photos by Colin Sokol

(Céline Audrey sunglasses, Topshop suede top and shorts, Isabel Marant sandals)

I’ve been in beautiful Morocco for almost a week now, I can’t wait to share photos of everything I’ve seen and done here. I have never been more continuously awestruck and am maybe on the verge of losing the ability to process beauty properly. These shots were taken the day I left playing dressup while packing – love this little suede suit from Topshop’s festival collection!

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