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cerulean mornings

17/07/2013, ankle boots, rag & bone, tokyo


(Brandy Melville knit top, Rag & Bone Paris skirt, Randa studded boots)

Last week above scorching Tokyo, captured contemplating for the first time the potential validity of the parasol but still making sure to channel forlorn. I think I’m at a milestone of almost a hundred nights spent in this hotel, oh Cerulean how you are like a magical alternate life home to me. As far as tour guides of half mile radii in Tokyo go, I can be your Shibuya person! And once beyond that point I can join in on the griping that streets don’t have names here and we can go drink kiwi juice. Win win win. Thank you to everyone that made this trip so perfect, I already can’t wait to be back.

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the grove on fillmore

16/07/2013, alexander wang, proenza schouler, san francisco


(Sonia Rykiel coat, The Row tank, Rebecca Minkoff Mika leather shorts, Alexander Wang heels, Sunday Somewhere Chely sunglasses, beanie from random shop in Harajuku, Proenza Schouler PS11)

What was meant to be a simple, pure look of nothingness tank and leather shorts went through a dark metamorphosis when I went sourcing for wooly also nubby items from the gem bearing zone that is underneath the backseat of my car. Cause holy everything, San Francisco has been off and on arctic this weekend (insert acknowledgement of that one Mark Twain quote to get it out of the way) . A low point was getting back from a dinner and blow drying my carcass to the point of being able to feel again. Thusly, this coat has quickly become a non-depressing version of a security blanket so please forgive it showing up in 88% of my photos I’ve taken here. And also note that the normal folks decided against the al fresco option so they didn’t have to eat soup wearing beanies. So fun being back in the city for my first time at the America’s Cup, more on that coming up.

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blue walled city

11/07/2013, céline, morocco, topshop


(Topshop suede tank and shorts, Zara jacket, Paco Rabanne bag, Sam Edelman boots, Céline aviator sunglasses)

More of this little suede suit from the back alleys of the Kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat.

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new nudes

11/07/2013, céline, in my closet, tokyo


(Céline nude buckle sandals via Adelaide in Tokyo)

I think it’s helpful to oneself to always be looking for new versions of things that one overwears. I abuse the crap out of my braided Chloés so thought I would take some of the pressure off them by introducing a new option. Love the giant buckle and mule-ishness going on here. What do you think?

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net worth

09/07/2013, céline, tokyo, zara


(Zara knit dress, well maybe, over silk tank and shorts, Sunday Somewhere Chely sunglasses, vintage choker stolen from my mom, Loren Stewart bracelet, Karen London rings, Céline espadrilles, Barbara Bui bag)

I’ve been in Japan for the past week dividing my time quite carefully between the responsible and the irresponsible. So many outfits to share with you as a result of both! This was shot pretty early in the morning in Shibuya thus the lack of people swarms. To stay cool in what was already suffocating wall of steam from every direction heat, I put this handy algae colored net over silk separates that are basically pajamas. Accessorized with espadrilles I picked up on sale at Jeffrey’s in New York and a big old bucket bag by Barbara Bui.

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