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murua ss14

16/11/2013, tokyo

 photo image_zpsca246187.png

Some snapshots from the Murua show last month in Tokyo, I loved my bomber jacket on dungaree on mock neck look I picked out at their showroom. Thank you so much for having me Momoko and company!

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here comes the night

07/11/2013, beach life, california love, la

 photo shrug_zpse3676164.jpg photo shrug10_zpsc3da2795.jpg photo shrug9_zps56a01898.jpg photo shrug15_zps12d5626a.jpg photo shrug23_zps554cefd3.jpg photo shrug7_zpsd4933612.jpg photo shrug20_zps7db2006b.jpg photo shrug2_zpse7f9fc71.jpg photo shrug8_zps51db4e31.jpg photo shrug1_zpsbfe57444.jpg

(Alexander Wang hooded mohair shrug, T Alexander Wang chiffon tank, Lover shorts)

Mohair has never been more worth the fluff in your mouth syndrome before this sweater. Blanket-like and double thick to perfection. I ended up in Malibu tonight in my staple silk separates and this was just the thing to both keep me warm and turn my pajamas into something worth shooting against the painted red sky. Somewhat of a wild card piece but also weirdly something I pictured being able to wear 20,000 different ways upon sight.

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where have all the surfing cowboys gone

07/11/2013, la, white dresses anonymous

 photo scf_zps34b78f94.jpg photo sc9_zps6e6cc496.jpg photo sc2_zpsc05567bc.jpg photo sc4_zpsc9d27816.jpg photo sc1_zps70837974.jpg photo sc10_zps814ca869.jpg photo sc6_zpsbc83a758.jpg photo sc_zps2cc2303b.jpg

(Made by a Friend of Mine Danger dress, Wego slip-ons)

How to make body conscious look fresh: generic slip-ons from Harajuku and some of that pale Venice Blvd. sunshine. Plus Friend of Mine just does it right in the first place. Called the Danger dress for a reason, careful how you walk in this one..

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turning the corner

07/11/2013, paris


(Robert Rodriguez top, Sonia Rykiel skirt, sunglasses, and Lucite heels)

Missing Paris and the ways it makes me want to dress in paneled corners. Thank you Geraldo da Conceicao for bringing velvet, marabou, and Lucite together at last in shoe format..over the top in the most French way and therefore perfect.

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at the murua afterparty

03/11/2013, tokyo

 photo murua10_zps3f44880e.jpg photo murua1_zps6af0a31a.jpg photo murua8_zpsa112072c.jpg photo murua6_zpsa2af7d15.jpg photo murua5_zpsb174447e.jpg photo murua12_zps94e9bfbe.jpg photo murua11_zpscd162973.jpg photo murua9_zpse2f5a4c3.jpg photo murua16_zps3176c813.jpg photo murua17_zps3fc703b2.jpg photo murua13_zps682392d5.jpg photo murua14_zps7a3d1eb6.jpg photo murua18_zpsde7bac1b.jpg photo murua24_zps217e3b1c.jpg photo murua21_zps238f988e.jpg photo murua19_zpsae9b299e.jpg

(Murua top, All Saints skirt, Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag)

Backtracking to Tokyo and the most action packed night of my weeklong trip. Typhoons exclusive. I had the best time toasting the beautiful show with one of the cutest people alive and Murua producer Momoko Ogihara, stylist for the show Kate Lanphear, and Tokyo friends old and new at labyrinthine club Sound Museum Vision. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate and how essential for life are the sunglasses?

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