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times square at midnight

04/10/2010, alexander wang, nyc, topshop, zara

(Alexander Wang sweater, Zara trousers, Topshop boots, Theory bag, H&M angora beanie)

Shopping aggregate site Beso let me pick out a couple items for NYFW and one of the items I went for was this asymmetrical sweater with huge sleeves from La Garconne. I love the massively chunky knit and slashed neckline. Requisite Times Square shots..sorry. The place is complete sensory overload and kind of terrifies me but where else is it this blindingly bright no matter what time it is?

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ghostly easy

03/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, topshop, vintage, zara

(Zara blazer and scarf as belt, Equipment silk shirt, Levi’s shorts, Jessica Simpson hat, Alexander Wang Diego bag, Topshop Andi boots)

I loved the idea of using a more substantial belt as a scarf at the Carin Wester show and the matchiness of the blues here somehow didn’t bother me…the scarf has sort of a mystical horse/star print that I love but haven’t quite figured out a proper way to display while being worn..slowly realizing that there really probably isn’t one. Not being a sarong person is depressing at times. I started the blog on a steady diet of denim shorts and blazers and it felt slightly relieving to return to…the shorts are the same as ever though they’ve frayed into pseudo-nothingness and one of the buttonholes ripped and lost all function a while ago. None of the Levi’s I try to replace them with ever manage to feel quite right though so I’m stuck with what I’ve got. Wore this in and around Bryant Park grabbing a bite to eat and stopping at Kinokuniya and Alice and Olivia, then later to the Imitation of Christ show.

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w 34th st.

01/10/2010, jewelry, nyc, zara

(fashiontoast x Dannijo Loveless ring and Siamese rings, Zara dress and belt, bag courtesy of Hope, Jessica Simpson hat, Dolce & Gabbana wedges)

A couple things I tweaked a little – the dress is supposed to be a knee length robe sort of thing but I hiked the oversized sleeves up on my shoulders to give it a curved hem and trashed the matching slip and belt that it came with…then added this metal one that’s actually become a crux of a wardrobe staple. The hat suffered a similar fate since it originally had a horrible felt flower attached to it. Worth all the destruction though, I’ve worn both to death already. Are you guys into it when I actually talk about the clothes?

Took these at the tail end of NYFW with a little bit of a broken spirit. Crappy things happen sometimes. And chapped lips, apparently. All seems a bit distant when I’m here in LA with my favorite New Yorkers though sitting around in the heat and mocking each other endlessly. Got a couple appointments tomorrow and then the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, should be fun. And it looks like I’m going to San Francisco for a couple days next week so might get some family time in. I’m starting to hear birds chirping outside so I’m thinking it’s time to sleep now though.

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broad daylight

19/09/2010, fashion week, nyc, vintage, zara

(Zara scarf, vintage leather dress, leather tote bag courtesy of Hope, Sam Edelman clogs, Mr. Kate bolt necklace)

This scarf has been acting as an in-flight security blanket and outfit fix-all of sorts for the past month. It’s the thinnest material but spans about ten square feet when laid out, which makes for awkward folding but awesome volume. Wore this when running over to BCBG to pay Patrick and Pearl a visit and pick out a dress for the Hervé Léger show a few days ago. Currently stationed at the Starbucks at LAX, eating fries, spacing out at random people, and going through photos before heading to New Zealand for NZFW. Particularly excited to see twentysevennames and my friends at Stolen Girlfriends Club…see you guys in 6500 miles..

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7:40 pm

throw her in the water

02/06/2010, beach life, california love, sd, zara

(Zara dress and belt, gifted Aritzia shorts, Miu Miu platforms, gifted Karen Walker sunglasses, Balenciaga bag, vintage bracelets)

Catching some sun on a Tuesday afternoon in the fruits of a little shopping I did in Vancouver (Aritzia=wonderland)..I’ve been inadvertently adding all these nudes and pinks to my wardrobe, mostly in silhouettes that are about ten times the size of my body. Somewhere in my brain this makes sense.

Memorial Day was strangely uneventful..most of the time around here the fine holiday turns into an excuse for widespread excess alcohol consumption but things stayed pretty calm around the beach and there were only a couple woohoos per hour. This is fine by me for the purpose of maintaining a sense of personal space but if the 4th of July follows suit I’ll be slightly concerned.

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