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headed to stockholm

14/08/2010, california love, la, white dresses anonymous

Waiting for my first flight on a long journey right now..SD to LAX to Frankfurt to Stockholm…goodbye for a few days California.

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stone as heavy as the moon

09/08/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love, white dresses anonymous

(BCBG dress, Sam Edelman Falken boots, vintage necklaces)

Colin and I are such freaks. Have you ever driven really far just for a change of weather for a few hours? The lack of hot summer nights in San Diego led us to this road meandering through crackling dry fields circled in by smooth hills where nightfall meant a drop to 80 degrees. Picked up this dreamcatcher for $20 on the side of the road from a woman who seemed much more focused on her birdhouses and jam selection. It’s now safely hanging next to the window above my bed but the bad dreams aren’t all gone.

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8:58 pm

five o’clock light

23/07/2010, ankle boots, california love, la, silverlake, white dresses anonymous

(Society for Rational Dress dress, Fiorentini & Baker suede boots, Forever 21 dreamcatcher necklace)

A few recent purchases: dress and boots from the Barney’s Co-op sale in Philadelphia, feathered necklace from Forever 21, and a fistful of vintage rings from the LA flea market. The boots have snaps that go all the way up but I prefer them floppily folded over. Unfortunately this requires wearing my nerdiest shortest “socks”.

I’m in this very specific mood that has me wanting to drive out to the desert..hopefully this weekend.

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09/06/2010, la, white dresses anonymous

ph. Kristin

Rumi Neely x RVCA Machinery Dress

Second time ever in a tanning booth..these things freak me out. But they also look awesome.

The pieces I designed for RVCA are out! The Machinery dress is a tribute to Milla Jovovich’s bandage gear in The Fifth Element and the Triad tank is an extremely generously cut and wearable basic. Check them both out on RVCA’s site here – they’ll also be available at Bloomingdale’s and Pacific Sunwear. Thank you to everyone at RVCA who was involved in this collaboration, it’s such an honor to be part of the RVCA family…the way Pat brings together creative people from so many different walks of life is inspiring.

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forget safety live where you fear to live destroy your reputation be notorious

07/04/2010, california love, nightlife, sd, white dresses anonymous

ph. by Colin

(Alexander Wang jacket, Claude Maus dress, Forever 21 leather shorts, gifted Ruby New Zealand lace/button bustier, gifted Genevieve Jones fringe clutch, Miu Miu satin platforms, YSL rings and gifted Soixante Neuf/Planet Blue ring)

Strange feeling when you discover that a couple pieces of clothing you’ve owned for six months go together seamlessly. Makes you feel exactly as stupid as you do smart. This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet for it’s loose cut and ability to work in any situation given a few accessory changes..but the effect the bustier has on cinching it in just kind of..completes it. So much love for NZ and Australian designers right now. And blindingly bright overhead motion sensor lights.

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