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calle del onda

15/06/2013, california love, chloé, white dresses anonymous


photo Colin Sokol

(Willow top)

More from beautiful Stinson Beach. It’s been a while since I’ve added to my stack of wispy white dresses..I love this piece by Australian brand Willow that I picked up in San Francisco last week.

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white night

27/03/2013, beach life, la, white dresses anonymous

Image Hosted by photo moonshadows2_zpscacc955f.jpg

(ba&sh shirt, Iro Irwin skirt, Tom Ford sandals)

I’ve been addicted to these two pieces together this past week. Suede boots for day and mirrored foot corsets for night, one of the easier outfit transitions that’s gone down in my backseat. There’s a sentence that didn’t need to sound as dirty as it did. Anyway, a few of us went to go celebrate Bryan’s birthday a few days early in Malibu and the random weeknight reservation made for a perfectly quiet-except-for-us cabana experience. The Fords are fun and all but the real best accessory for airy type clothing has to be a pair of infernal heat lamps. Lincoln Center in February, please take note.

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vine fresh

24/02/2013, chloé, la, white dresses anonymous

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photos by Colin Sokol

(BCBG resort Yennie top and Ivey skirt, Chloé heels, Bijules and Vita Fede rings)

Something about this combination being as future civilization-appropriate as it is bohemian is making it my favorite right now. I wore this last night with a blazer to slightly de-crazy it for a pre-Oscar event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A couple more days left in LA before leaving for Paris on Wednesday, wish me luck getting little white scraps of clothing out of my system before heading back into the snow..

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spring in winter

08/02/2013, balenciaga, nyc, white dresses anonymous

The degree to which I was inspired by BCBG’s next level take on grunge at their show yesterday can be most accurately explained by my compulsion to put together my own version a few hours later. With pieces from their spring collection. CONTINUE READING

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tian tan at lantau island

04/02/2013, balenciaga cutout boots, white dresses anonymous

photos by Colin Sokol

(Rag & Bone Rowan dress, Balenciaga cutout boots)

We had one free day in Hong Kong, which was also our last. This sounds pretty squirrely but we both kind of freaked out trying to decide how to spend it. Lantau Island? Repulse Bay Beach? Giving up on life and getting trampled in the streets? At least shopping was out of the question, a dude can only take so much. Actually the same goes for a me. We decided to try the island thing mostly to impress my mom since she had recommended climbing up to the Tian Tan Buddha and we do well with goals. So a Metro ride to an hour long ferry to a taxi journey uphill on an eternal winding road took us to Ngong Ping Village, where that only second tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha in the world was waiting at the top of 4 million stairs. It was a slightly trippy experience, you’re so lightheaded by the top and the air feels noticeably thinner and the sun blinding in an abnormal, pleasantly painful way. Possibly necessary to clarify that we were indeed sober. It must have been an off day to decide to make this trip because the place was pretty desolate as far as outsized statue sites go. We did a few curious laps around him and spaced out at those bright green mountains before deliriously wandering down as the sun set. Already a very crystallized memory. Sort of happy to shoot this dress for the first time at such a specific place in the world.

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