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vintage shopping on haight street

21/01/2011, alexander wang, phillip lim, san francisco, vintage

(3.1 Phillip Lim jacket, Egoiste shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Alexander Wang backpack, Dolce and Gabbana wedges)

Shots from a rainy afternoon in San Francisco checking out a few vintage and Tibetan shops. Tights and hats are the best options for rainy days, suede wedges are not. Oops. Although they somehow emerged unscathed. Is that whole thing a myth?

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12/01/2011, california love, j brand, vintage

(vintage shirt and bag, Zara scarf, J Brand Gigi jeans, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms)

Some pattern mixing for a walk across a dark field..uhh or something like that. Blogging is so strange, and not only for allowing the creation of sentences like that gem there. This bag makes everything better…I bought it from a Tibetan vendor last summer at Kobe’s swap meet in San Diego, which is totally hit or miss and therefore quite exciting. And always worth it for the kettle corn and generic Sharpies from Mexico (actually those suck). Would have to take it with me if I ever moved to the desert to live in a patchwork tent with a pygmy goat. The scarf can come along too, since it’s just split in the middle and can now be worn as some sort of a slutty poncho though I’m torn on the sanity levels of this newfound option. Scary stuff.

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pet my sweater

10/01/2011, actually wearing jeans, brr dude, california love, j brand, topshop, vintage

(vintage suede coat, J Brand Martini Flare jeans, Forever 21 sunglasses, Topshop clutch, Tristan Blair wedges)

Never cold in my heaviest coat..this thing weighs about 25 pounds thanks to the most painstaking shearling lining and quilting job I’ve ever seen. You’d think I would take it when traveling anywhere cold but I can never commit to wearing it in the plane since I just picture everyone blandly staring at me as I hop around madly trying to smash it into an overhead compartment. So wintry beach it is. While we were taking these some dude walked by and slowly and somewhat drunkenly drawled “I really like the color of your..sweater”. Yes. Sweater. Thanks dude.

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rock formation

06/01/2011, san francisco, vintage

(Mercury Duo coat, Aula Aila sheer top, Hanes wifebeater, vintage Levi’s shorts, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Whyred sunglasses, vintage eelskin clutch)

The most basic outfit ever but taken up a notch with this sweet little top that I picked up while shooting with ViVi in Tokyo..we went to the Aula Aila showroom and I tried on a bunch of clothes and took photos ie. what bloggers are supposed to do no matter what the scenario I suppose. I chose a long knit dress to parade around in for a second. Anyway, the line is rad and oddly enough sort of Americana inspired..fringe, crochet, and this crazy raw cut leather chopped up into ragged little tops and jackets. Sorry for the awkward flasher shots…there was no way I was committing to taking the coat off in the brutal San Francisco wind but I wanted to at least try to emphasize the sequins clustered together so thickly that they look like jagged bits of pyrite.

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sanchez st.

02/01/2011, alexander wang, phillip lim, san francisco, vintage

(3.1 Phillip Lim jacket, Alexander Wang ribbed cropped sweater, vintage slipdress, BCBG boots, Mulberry Alexa bag, Jessica Simpson hat, LF stone cross necklace, vintage locket)

Day before last in San Francisco. I got this jacket a while ago from Blue and Cream – the leather is so soft and I sized up to enhance what I think was supposed to be an oversize fit in the first place. Love the longer length and its resulting ability to actually keep you warm. Normally I recoil at the sight of pre-layered clothing but the execution of this thing with the muddy taupe sleeves and extra long trench bit at the ends is awesome. Worn over this sweater I’ve been eyeing for months at Shopbop that finally went on’s knit kind of like a bustier? If that makes any sense.

Such a gloomy first of the year, the entire day looked and felt like 5 o’clock..going to go right along with the mood and go to a late showing of The Black Swan tonight.

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