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fun with andrew bevan at the jeremy scott afterparty

20/02/2010, fashion week, nightlife, nyc, vintage

(vintage dress and velvet bag, Chloe boots, YSL ring)

Andrew Bevan is one of my favorite people I’ve met through blogging..he’s someone that I could easily imagine hanging out with even if we both hated fashion and lived in North Dakota (no offense ND, San Diego is just about as off the fashion radar as you are). We promised to meet up after running into each other on the way into the Alexandre Herchcovitch show and upon our reunion laughed about and at pretty much everything..but only after I saved him from a freshly divorced vodka-happy partygoer who proceeded to hit on a confused Colin. I hope she found happiness later on that night.

Please note his gigantic safety pin necklace. Imagine the things you could fuse together with that thing.

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for here or to go

14/02/2010, sd, vintage

(vintage plaid cape coat and clutch, Therese Rawsthorne dress, Forever 21 gloves and chain headband, Topshop boots)

Just finishing up packing right now. I’ve definitely learned my lesson on what airlines not to book when it really matters. Apparently those three flights out of San Diego that run every day are pretty popular. Kind of nervous about the cold out in NY but hopefully my small arsenal of largely untouched winterwear will work.

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van’s tavern

08/02/2010, sd, vintage

(vintage faux fur jacket and oversized sweater, American Apparel satin shorts, Plush thigh highs, Jessica Simpson platform sandals, Jas MB clutch)

Super Bowl Sunday. I cherish the day for being able to roam the entire county from the beach to the streets while the game’s on and have it feel as deserted as the island I don’t own yet…and faux-joining in on the enthusiasm with the drunk people stumbling from house party to sports bar and back. I wonder if this is very un-patriotic of me. Either way I’ve always found it more fun to partake in athletic activities than observe them. Not to imply that I’m actually good at anything besides tennis and batting cages cause I’m not.

These thigh highs are the most novel and I suppose practical addition to my closet in a while. They’re lined in fleece and so warm that I’ve actually found myself having to take them off in some rather awkward places. I bought the tights version as well and hope they help in some way against the cold in NYC in a few days.

And it looks like I’m probably going to Tokyo next month…crazy.

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cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark

29/01/2010, ankle boots, california love, sd, vintage

(Scout tshirt dress, vintage suede fringe..thing, Topshop boots, Balenciaga bag)

Some thrift store finds are a little more grossly perfect than others..this loincloth/belt (see it more clearly here) is starred up, studded up, and double belted up. And it cinches in tightly at the high waist where nothing ever fits me. Quadruple win. One of my friends is convinced it’s a cropped single thigh chap (questionable singularization acknowledged) for the burlier cowboy. But the minimal sense this makes fades the more you try to conceptualize it logically. So loincloth it is. Then again this is the same man that asked me today what kind of berry gatherer I would be…”Would you pluck them individually? Or bunched? Why did I ask, you would pick each single morsel and place it in your satchel. You should do a shoot with cavemen.” Prompted by me telling him how much of a relief it is to be free of corrective lenses so that were I to be suddenly time warped to the Neolithic I wouldn’t be the weak myopic one in the tribe. Since you were wondering. And I know you weren’t. Worn with tshirt dress I never knew what to do with before, second day hair, my most beaten up bag, and a magical double shadow in a crazy crosswalk the earth is determined to split open.

By the way some of you have noticed I’ve been posting some odd photos here and there was the closest thing to a New Year’s Resolution that I had to start taking more pictures…I used to screw around with photography and sort of stopped for no reason at all. It’s felt kind of good to play around with it again. But of course Colin’s photos will continue to reign..we tend to have very different takes on the same situation and his will to experiment with photography as far as his mind will take him has never ceased to amaze me.


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03/01/2010, ankle boots, nightlife, vintage

(Elizabeth and James earrings, vintage sweater and clutch, American Apparel satin shorts, Jeffrey Campbell x LF Poland boots, bf’s H&M jacket, YSL ring)

Happy 2010! I was going to get all sequined up but then lost the motivation and ended up dressing more for comfort than anything else. Which included swiping Colin’s jacket for the night. I’ve been looking for a slightly more fitted version of it for myself forever now to no avail.

Thank you to Planet Blue for sending me this Soixante Neuf hammered knuckle ring – it got a redesign courtesy of one of their buyers and I love the result. Better shots of it on the way.

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