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jane street

16/09/2010, actually wearing jeans, fashion week, mane and tail, nyc, vintage

(scarf coat courtesy of Obakki, vintage tshirt, Elizabeth and James jeans, Topshop boots, Mr. Kate/vintage/Dannijo necklaces, Theory bag, Forever 21 headband, Ray-ban sunglasses)

Dressed all the way down and walking over to Cafe Gitane to take a break from everything for a second yesterday..I think. Half my suitcase and all my makeup is flung around Bryan’s room, I feel half-functional at best, I shouldn’t be awake right now, and things are blurring…but in that good way.

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3:45 am

waiting at cheap monday

28/08/2010, ankle boots, stockholm, topshop, vintage

The Cheap Monday show was dramatically stormy and right on the water..such a cool venue. We got there early and killed time documenting our..bags. Mine looks a little Derelicte next to his huh. Wearing a Topshop leopard coat (love the shortened sleeves on the petite sizes) I ordered last month, Bryan‘s Chanel, and Jeffrey Campbell motorcycle boots.

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6:30 pm

stockholm summer nights

24/08/2010, nightlife, stockholm, vintage

Fun with Susie, Bryan, Hanneli, and Phil..

5 things: bloggers have very specifc things to discuss when they get together, everyone likes vodka pineapples, Phil’s hair is disturbingly beautiful (sheet of blue-black silk much?), my hat is a whore, and Susie is going to be mortified.

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5:20 am

summer skin

24/08/2010, california love, la, my photography, neverending summer, sd, vintage

1. twentysevennames sheer tshirt and thrifted suede skirt (think it was someone’s DIY Halloween project at one point) shot with a Fuji Instax
2. the dreamcatcher I bought a few weeks ago by my window
3. kimono dress that Obakki gave me, worn with rolled down Erin Wasson x RVCA knit one-piece and RVCA side slit top that I lost at Narita last month in an attempt to get my suitcase under 50 lbs.
4. matcha lattes at Urth
5. Pacific Beach
6. view from a gas station – old VW bus flanked by palm trees

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11:46 pm

coffee and shopping between shows

22/08/2010, alexander wang, stockholm, vintage

(Topshop cocoon sweater, Alexander Wang shorts, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, vintage bag and hat, Whyred sunglasses)

Roaming the streets of Stockholm with Bryanboy in my size 1000 Topshop sweater. Bryan and I didn’t go much of anywhere without each other during SFW…it got to the point where people would feel sorry for us and volunteer without our requesting it to shift their seats around at the shows so we could sit together. He picked me up in my room and immediately declared my look an outfit repeat, picked this thing up off the windowsill, and told me to change into it….that’s a lot of hemline stuffed into the top of my shorts there. Also wearing my new bag that I picked up at the Kobe swap meet in San Diego from my favorite Tibetan stall there…I brought two Alexander Wang bags and my shredded up Balenciaga but ended up wearing this everywhere..only thing that I lost out of it was my lens hood. Oops. Check out his blog for a covert peek into my hotel room at Berns and watch a video of us spacing out before the Cheap Monday show. Thanks to him and David for taking my photos!

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