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jagged edge

08/10/2010, new zealand, nightlife, vintage

(vintage dress and bag, Wish vest, lace-up heels courtesy of United Nude)

After the Zambesi show (parking garage venue!) screwing around with Sarge and Gala pretending to do some kind of sixties glam thing and seeing how I feel about stiletto heels after a long separation. This is maybe one of the best vintage dresses I’ve ever thrifted, I’d love it even without the Tinkerbell-ish pinking sheared hem. And the perfectly awkward length sleeves. And heavy silk draping. Ahh it’s so perfect that it makes no sense. The show itself was massively on the way.

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polka dots + leather shorts

07/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, phillip lim, vintage

(Obakki scarf coat, vintage polka dot silk blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim quilted leather shorts courtesy of Beso, Sam Edelman clogs, Hope bag, Pamela Love cage ring)

Leather shorts seem to have assimilated into both the larger consciousness and the basics section of my wardrobe in a way that I didn’t really see coming. Though I know a perfect pair upon sight, it doesn’t happen too often… thus the lack of hesitation when it came to these Phillip Lims. They’re crazy soft and quilted so well that they remind me of a tiny supple comforter that prompts people to ask if I’m wearing Chanel. Worn with the coat and bag that I apparently think go with everything.

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ghostly easy

03/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, topshop, vintage, zara

(Zara blazer and scarf as belt, Equipment silk shirt, Levi’s shorts, Jessica Simpson hat, Alexander Wang Diego bag, Topshop Andi boots)

I loved the idea of using a more substantial belt as a scarf at the Carin Wester show and the matchiness of the blues here somehow didn’t bother me…the scarf has sort of a mystical horse/star print that I love but haven’t quite figured out a proper way to display while being worn..slowly realizing that there really probably isn’t one. Not being a sarong person is depressing at times. I started the blog on a steady diet of denim shorts and blazers and it felt slightly relieving to return to…the shorts are the same as ever though they’ve frayed into pseudo-nothingness and one of the buttonholes ripped and lost all function a while ago. None of the Levi’s I try to replace them with ever manage to feel quite right though so I’m stuck with what I’ve got. Wore this in and around Bryant Park grabbing a bite to eat and stopping at Kinokuniya and Alice and Olivia, then later to the Imitation of Christ show.

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fifteen strange seconds

28/09/2010, fashion week, new zealand, vintage

A couple moments in Auckland: grabbing a bite to eat in my disintegrating vintage jacket and a freezing sunrise from the Hilton.

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2:31 am

broad daylight

19/09/2010, fashion week, nyc, vintage, zara

(Zara scarf, vintage leather dress, leather tote bag courtesy of Hope, Sam Edelman clogs, Mr. Kate bolt necklace)

This scarf has been acting as an in-flight security blanket and outfit fix-all of sorts for the past month. It’s the thinnest material but spans about ten square feet when laid out, which makes for awkward folding but awesome volume. Wore this when running over to BCBG to pay Patrick and Pearl a visit and pick out a dress for the Hervé Léger show a few days ago. Currently stationed at the Starbucks at LAX, eating fries, spacing out at random people, and going through photos before heading to New Zealand for NZFW. Particularly excited to see twentysevennames and my friends at Stolen Girlfriends Club…see you guys in 6500 miles..

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