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coffee stop in north beach

31/12/2010, san francisco, vintage

(Forever21 headband, vintage tshirt and coat, Zara belt, Current Elliott leather pants, Marni platform heels, Whyred sunglasses, LF necklace)

The rest from yesterday. Revolve sent me the leather skinnies and they are actually exactly perfect. I’ve seriously been looking for something like this forever now but had given up the the extra long zipper at the cuff and slight bunching at the knee. Go Current Elliott. Shoes were a Christmas present from my lovely comfortable! And, slightly progressively, not an ankle boot.

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30/12/2010, san francisco, vintage

Lucky day at Wasteland on Haight Street yesterday – I saw this gigantic vintage Mongolian lamb coat hanging high up on the wall behind the cash register and knew I had to try it on. Apparently a lot of people had almost taken it home but I was the one to bite the bullet..I realized the second I put it on there was no way I was leaving without it. Makes me feel invincible-ish and I think I’ve essentially just lost privileges to all excuses to ever be cold again. I’ll post the rest of the outfit when it isn’t 3am.

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new york in november

21/12/2010, life in black and white, my photography, nightlife, nyc, photo diary, vintage


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i won’t be weird i’ll be whatever what you want me to be

16/12/2010, back to the woods, california love, jewelry, topshop, vintage

(RP Encore headpiece, Topshop velvet dress, Jeffrey Campbell Climber boots, vintage wool poncho)

Some people love to wear new things immediately..I am the opposite (to a fault), I have to wait to feel like I’m in the exact mood to wear something. Colin had been egging me on to break this headpiece out for a few months and we finally came upon the perfect place to shoot it while running around one of the canyons by our place in San Diego. Although arguably a happened upon tepee is the perfect place to take pictures of anything. RP Encore is a fascinating label, as in one of those sites you click on that makes you stop and stare to figure out exactly what is going on. The idea behind designer Reid Peppard’s designs reminds me of American Beauty’s Ricky Fitts’ take on ordinary or grisly sights taking your breath away if you just take the time to see them right (I’m sure everyone remembers the plastic bag scene):

Ricky Fitts: I was filming this dead bird.
Angela Hayes: Why?
Ricky Fitts: Because it’s beautiful.

That scene pretty much inspired the entirety of my interest in photography, and is probably why I take way too many shots of like, the ground and broken things. Anyway, Reid uses animals that have already suffered their fates and transforms them into everything from cufflinks to necklaces. This is of course visually upsetting to some people and some of the pieces may be hard to translate into daily wear, possibly including this headpiece she sent me, as much as I may love it. But the final message I get from her work is the possibility of finding and creating beauty from unlikely sources. Check out this Huffington post article here if you remain curious.

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obscure rock song lyrics

25/11/2010, nyc, topshop, vintage, zara

(Zara coat, vintage velvet shirt, Levi’s shorts, Topshop boots, Mulberry bag)

A mix of new and old basics and a teddy bear-ish coat with a scrap of a hood I salvaged from an old jacket for an afternoon in Soho dropping by the Michael Angel studio and lunch at the Mercer Kitchen..I’m back at my parent’s house in San Francisco relaxing for the holiday weekend..happy Thanksgiving!

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