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04/12/2009, General

photographer: Natasha Cantwell
stylist: Zara Mirkin

behind the scenes
photographer: Colin Sokol

Here it is – the shoot that I did for NO magazine while I was in New Zealand..the issue is now out! I haven’t gotten a copy yet so I just have some LQ shots from a PDF but Colin was busy snapping away throughout behind the scenes and befriending the resident cat. This was literally right after the 13 hour flight to Auckland but everyone’s amazing energy kept me going..thank you to Melinda, Anna, Zara, Amber, Natasha, and Charlotte! Highlights: wearing gold sequin Louis Vuitton boots and that Moschino belt, marveling at the extremely varied taxidermy around me, getting acquainted with the New Zealand skyline from the sunwashed patio, and witnessing Zara’s genius madcap styling firsthand. Hope you like it.


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you were somehow the rain this thing could allow

01/12/2009, General

(vintage coat, lace dress, chain necklace, and snakeskin clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Topshop Alexus boots)

Sometimes the way I get dressed is more haphazard than anything else..the clutch I found in a stash of my things at my parent’s house, the sunglasses were smashed into my glove compartment, and I just really wanted to wear my new Topshop boots (elasticated side boots have been on my wishlist forever). These shots are from Friday, taken around Union Street in the city before sushi and hotel antics. The trip was short and sweet and I’m now back at home..the main event today was hosting a Japanese TV crew at my house to film a segment for a Tokyo-based show. It went really well but now I’m dead tired from a buildup of lack of sleep over the last couple days. Hope everyone had a great weekend..!

ETA: major updates at Shoptoast today

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powell st.

29/11/2009, General

moose field

(Zara henley, Stylestalker skirt, Target scarf, vintage clutch and cuff, Jimmy Choo x H&M ankle boots)

After a delirium-inducing 13 hour drive north we made it for a Whole Foods Thanksgiving with my family complete with two kinds of pumpkin pie, three kinds of whipped cream, and countless bottles of champagne. Totally worth the hell it was getting through LA and the sketchy gas stations bathroom stops along the way. The next day we had a room booked in downtown SF and tried to go Black Friday shopping..even though I can barely take the crowds on any given non-occasion. I came out one henley and a pair of shoes richer. Said shoes have become the source of much ridicule from my loved ones and made me limp from the blisters they’ve induced (one trip to Walgreens for no show socks and Band-aids almost made things right again) but I stand by them. Kind of the cracked out version of my vintage pair. More disturbing than my apparently horrifically ugly shoes, well maybe just funny, was the amount of people that started taking pictures of Colin taking pictures of me. This happens only sporadically in San Diego but the guys up here actually have the equipment along with the gall to wink at Colin as we run away. And run away we did.

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joining the ankle boot army

25/11/2009, General

BCBG Mendel boots ♥

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the city w/ the broken champagne bottle

24/11/2009, General

(Zara leather jacket <- size small for those who asked, American Apparel circle scarf, RVCA Sinner dress, Forever 21 headband and cutoff jeans, vintage ankle cowboy boots, Pamela Love cross ring, Balenciaga bag)

Most comfortable outfit ever…I can’t believe I’ve found flat footwear I love this much. I almost feel like I’m cheating on myself. And yeah it’s fun to dress a little more boyish sometimes. By which I’m not referring to SD’s plaid shorts uniform that crept into the background here..

Getting ready to leave for my parent’s house in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and hopefully some hunting around in my closet up there, annoying my brother, and screwing around in the city. Luckily for me my mom keeps the menu somewhat Japanese influenced…I’ve officially been a pescatarian for a year now and I don’t think I’m going back. Much to everyone I know’s chagrin. Apparently this is a choice that makes people want to immediately buy you steaks (at Fleming’s, even!) and go on In-n-out rampages? And then there are the rest who just think I’m kidding.

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