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16/12/2009, General

(Topshop jacket, vintage slipdress and navy chain belt, Balenciaga bag, Chanel wedges)

A tour through the streets stacked along the beach boardwalk in a pretty stupid ode to Givenchy’s spiked headband. I do really love these horns though..I last wore them for New Year’s Eve. I watched Howl’s Moving Castle a couple weeks ago and now all I see is Howl in his bird incarnation when I look at this jacket. Which then triggers the cracked out mental visions left behind by that movie and leaves me checked out for a few minutes. Dreamer.

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ambushed on a road stole your gold you’re a rose and you’re laughing now

11/12/2009, General

(vintage cardigan and sheer shirt, secondhand skirt, no3danyc velvet and metal belt, Forever 21 knit headband and tights, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Commes des Garcons wallet, Bleachblack nail polish in Dickweed)

Well yeah, I need to find something new to put on my head. I’m working on it. And I’m pretty sure that these are going to be my favorite shoes for the next ten years. But none of that matters because I am wearing the craziest cardigan I have ever known to exist, let alone actually own. Grandpa buttons, curly shoulders, and leopard print have obviously been longing to be together since the inception of..cardigans. I go back and forth between favoring thinking that it belonged to the coolest old dude/pimp in the 70s and..the 70s version of myself. Who was in all likelihood way cooler than I could ever be so let’s just go with the former. Though she would maybe maybe be proud of all of these vintage-only outfits I keep putting on by accident. Carrying around just a wallet is the final step in the slow and steady minisculization (know it’s not a word) of my bags.

So essentially I am now too lazy to both shop at normal stores and carry anything weighing more than 12 ounces. Perfect. But FRIDAY yay. Going to have a mini hotel room party and see Gossip play at the W San Diego tonight.

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08/12/2009, General

mind the gap @ prism gallery

I’ve been staring at this Polaroid for three minutes wondering if I scanned it in straight. Which probably means that I didn’t. Anyway, the shoot for RVCA’s lookbook was at the Mind the Gap exhibit curated by PM Tenore and featuring Phil Frost and Barry McGee’s work at PC Valmorbida’s PRISM gallery on Sunset. This was actually such an ideal way to take in the art for a solid whole day. Between the huge multi-textured paintings and the nonstop pouring rain against the floor to ceiling windows it made for a rad atmosphere. The shoot ran into the early evening and I was pretty out of it towards the end until I was introduced to the man himself Phil Frost. He kindly insisted on Polaroiding ourselves after my final look and handed me this shot embellished with his signature white out hearts on my way out the door. Best memento ever.

Check out more of his work here and here and if you’re in LA make sure to check out the exhibit sometime between now and February.

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the mission

07/12/2009, General

(Topshop leather square jacket and boots, BCBG dress, UO satin headband, Target ankle socks, vintage Chanel bag)

There’s nothing easier than slipping into a tshirt dress and my dresser drawers are stacked high with them, mostly varying in sheerness and when I saw this one open the BCBG show I kind of fell in lovet. The draped crossover panels are such a cool take on the now ubiquitous sheer pocket tee. Here it is dressed down with leather. I tried to approximate Chanel’s Jade nail polish with OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape. Pretty close match and a fun way to throw things off.

This weekend it actually got cold here and I loved it. Going up to West Hollywood tomorrow to shoot the RVCA lookbook again. Should be fun.

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04/12/2009, General

photographer: Natasha Cantwell
stylist: Zara Mirkin

behind the scenes
photographer: Colin Sokol

Here it is – the shoot that I did for NO magazine while I was in New Zealand..the issue is now out! I haven’t gotten a copy yet so I just have some LQ shots from a PDF but Colin was busy snapping away throughout behind the scenes and befriending the resident cat. This was literally right after the 13 hour flight to Auckland but everyone’s amazing energy kept me going..thank you to Melinda, Anna, Zara, Amber, Natasha, and Charlotte! Highlights: wearing gold sequin Louis Vuitton boots and that Moschino belt, marveling at the extremely varied taxidermy around me, getting acquainted with the New Zealand skyline from the sunwashed patio, and witnessing Zara’s genius madcap styling firsthand. Hope you like it.


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