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Cold waters

23/09/2008, General

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American Apparel mesh bodysuit, Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, vintage skirt, secondhand shirt.

My interpretation of one of Alexander Wang’s runway looks, which inspired me to unsurface my favorite geeky dad/science teacher shirt and pair it with one of my latest vintage acquisitions. My favorite thing about the skirt is that I could totally put cash in the pockets and not lose it, how novel! It was about as cold as it appears to be in the photos, but that didn’t stop me from splashing around like an idiot and tracking sand all over my car…again. This is hardly impressive considering I swam these waters at night on the way home from a bar one crazy college night. I’m pretty sure I was cooler back then.

Caroline of Pensare Ancora sent me this dripping-in-chains necklace that I’ve been meaning to wear for a while now – it’s raw, almost industrial aesthetic is quite pleasing to me. Thanks Caroline ;)

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03/09/2008, General

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Dress, Forever 21. Boots, Aldo.

More fun with the boots. I swear I wasn’t faux-hitchhiking in that second one, I was actually just giving my boyfriend a questioning thumbs up in regards to my location, but I had to post it since we both giggled (well, maybe he chortled) maniacally when we saw it blown up on the monitor.

Ps I set this post up yesterday but we’re now checked into our hotel in New York, so so stoked to be here. I’m on my phone so can’t really type much, hopefully will be able to blog sporadically while here.


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old and new

30/08/2008, General


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Leopard love

29/08/2008, General

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Dress, Forever 21. Shirt, Gap. Bag, Givenchy. Heels, Promiscuous.

I’m always getting questions from readers about how comfortable certain pairs of heels are. These are already ranking pretty high on the wearability scale, but if I had to note which are the most comfortable…

1. Nine West blue satin mirrored wedges. NOT the white pleather version I also have. The material makes a huge difference, sadly enough.

2. Chloe red Doc-style wedges. Clunky, but I can wear them forever.

3. Bebe zippered gladiator heels. The huge platform, dude. Plus, once you’re zipped in, your foot really isn’t going to move around in there. This is a reason why laces are also helpful in lessening heel discomfort.

4. Forever 21 canvas sneaker heels. I think the key to purchasing their shoes is to avoid all pleather. Pleather is the devil.

5. Marni gray patent wedges. For how sculptural and shiny they are, I would never expect them to be so painless.

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Early inspiration

26/08/2008, General

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I’ve been vaguely pondering what I want to purchase for fall. So far I’ve only gotten as far as black lace, leather, chartreuse, and those Emma Cook/Topshop ankle boots that I probably won’t be able to get my hands on. I never really buy with an overall plan in mind anyway, it seems I just end up acquiring randomly when something strikes my fancy and hoping it all comes together. But I remembered a photo Scott Schuman took of some semi-scraggly NYU students and did a quick search on it – the girl on the left steals the show and was the one whose image was seared into my mind. I love the gold chain bracelet and it’s my new goal to find a vintage coat that sweet. An image to keep in mind when I’m tempted to purchase everything in black as it gets colder.

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