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at sixes and sevens

15/08/2009, General

Something I’ve been excited about for months now – along with several other bloggers, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with London-based company Borders & Frontiers and the tshirt I designed is finally available for purchase. I love the look of screen printed black and white photographs and wanted something mildly abstract so as to be more wearable..I chose this photo I took through the windshield on an abnormally windy and stormy late afternoon drive back from Palm Springs and disintegrated the edges for a worn-in, vintage feel. It’s handprinted 100% organic cotton and is available via the button on the left sidebar. I can’t wait to get mine and play around with it.

Please email if you have any questions and thank you so much to Karoline and Andrew for all your hard work!

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in the windowsill

13/08/2009, General

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(secondhand Arden B. dress, Noir studded bracelet, Tristan Blair boots)

From this weekend’s stay at the Newport Beachwalk Hotel..highly recommend this place.

I got this dress at a swap meet for $10 last month..successfully bargained down from $20. Love that the sequins are matte and ever so perfectly spaced out on fine mesh at an appropriately skanky length. And the fact that it kind of smells like (and almost weighs as much as) an old suit of armor.

Major thank you to Tristan Blair who sent me some breathtaking shoes last week. From patent paneling and fur details to unexpectedly placed laces and the most restrained but effective use of salmon pink, you’ve really got to check his work out.

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there was one moment when I wanted to burn this paper

11/08/2009, General

(Elizabeth and James earrings, Forever 21 necklace, bf’s wifebeater, UO Bulldog jeans, RVCA sweater, Balenciaga sandals, Alexander Wang backpack)

All my favorite basics in one dose. We took these before leaving for the weekend..random circumstances ended up with me not getting home till 1 that night and the shoes held up until the last hour, when I required a piggyback ride home courtesy of one of my best friends. Cork should become friends with more heels. I get a lot of question about how tall I am – I’m 5’7″ and therefore an approximate 6′ in these particular shoes. Do I feel too tall? Well a majority of my friends are guys 6’1″ and above and though they threaten to drop me off at the strip club when I wear my more outlandish footwear choices I still end up feeling pretty damn small because of them. Works out.

Colin totally owned his photo shoot yesterday..thanks to Scott Nathan and Kat from Urban Decay for being so rad to us.

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you said it feels good i said i’ll give it a try

08/08/2009, General

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Image Hosted by

(vintage dress, Forever 21 cardigan and necklace, Elizabeth and James and secondhand bracelets, Acne wedges)

What’s great about living 20 minutes from Mexico is finding pieces like this woven bag all over the place, along with really unique silver jewelry and the absolutely necessary for the beach serape blanket.

Heading to Newport Beach for the weekend and bringing the moon shoes/functionless ice skates with me. The tables are turning – the boyfriend has a photo shoot scheduled up there with Urban Decay. I’m really quite excited to watch him work it after all the direction he’s dispensed to me over the past year or so. Love you Colin.

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living in lover

01/08/2009, General

(Lover top, Forever 21 necklace, secondhand Calvin Klein shorts, Aldo boots)

(same top and shorts, Chanel mirrored wedges)

Top of the week. As in wore it every day. I haven’t embraced this peasant blouse loving side of me for a while but this thing is just perfect. Say hi to Bijou, the cat that never appears in photographs because he hates being touched almost as much as he hates being anywhere but on top of the fridge or under the bed. But about one morning a week he wakes us up in the most loving and sweet way possible and even does us the honor of making fur to skin contact. Strange animal.

I’m not sure how many of you will remember how well I loved my blue Nine West knockoffs of these Chanels but I scored them for a killer deal on eBay from the same girl that sold me the Balenciagas..I simultaneously think she’s insane for letting them go and that I could not possibly thank her enough for doing so. But yeah just ignore the bird crap reflecting off of them in the photo. Cats > birds.

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