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hair and makeup by mio

04/07/2010, beauty, tokyo

The hair and makeup artists that I worked with in Japan were so so good that I kind of wanted to steal them away forever. The results were always somewhere between beachy and perfect and I’m finally inspired to learn how to use a curling iron. Maybe it’s because they’re used to working on halfies all the time? I tried to document Mio’s work from the ViVi shoot by the fading light in my hotel room. Seems like there was some kind of smudgy green eyeliner layered over the black..I dunno. Awesome though. Right after this I went out in Shibuya and got caught in the strongest and most sudden downpour I’ve ever witnessed..everyone else in sight was equipped with an umbrella of course.. err the makeup definitely looked better than the hair when soaking wet.

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tokyo skyline + shoes

02/07/2010, shoe porn, tokyo

View of Shibuya at dusk from the Cerulean Tower Hotel and some of the shoes I brought to the ViVi shoot (I got to style all the looks!)…I got the Zara sandal/boot hybrid a couple days ago..there’s honestly a Zara on every other corner here. They’re really comfortable even though no one believes me when I tell them.

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30/06/2010, tokyo

Polaroids by Osami Yabuta from yesterday’s shoot with ViVi here in Tokyo…cannot even convey how excited I was to work with them, I’m such a huge fan…it’s been an amazing experience so far…I fought my mom every step of the way when she made sure to speak Japanese to me and put me in Japanese school every Saturday morning…but I could not possibly be more thankful for everything she did now. Sickening I know. Everyone has been so welcoming/funny/sweet/perfect and I think I’ve learned and spoken more Japanese in the past four days than I thought possible. I’m seriously even starting to prefer the humidity. And the crowds. And the walking everywhere. Ok stopping now before I say anything certifiably crazy.

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there is a field i will meet you there

01/04/2010, ankle boots, tokyo, topshop, white dresses anonymous
ph. by Colin

(vintage faux fur, FCUK dress, Target sheer tights, Topshop boots, Headmistress headdress, OPI polish in Done Out in Deco)

I’ve worn this dress so much that what used to be a full bib of sequins gave way and I just tore them all out. Scissors and razor blades solve a lot of my wardrobe problems.

Obviously these are from Tokyo. There are no magical tunnels of blue light in California. Or are there? Anyway, I love you old ragged dress but I think it’s time for me to buy some new clothes.

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electric town

24/03/2010, tokyo, vintage

The second day in Tokyo I got really sick..I guess it was some kind of flu that I got in the airplane but I wasn’t about to let it interfere with my plans to show Colin the strange land that is Akihabara. So I stocked up on cold medicine, aspirin, and eyedrops (I swear I saw lychee ‘flavored’ eyedrops) at the supermarket by our hotel. The cracked out bear felt my pain.

Taking my shiny new drugs with water and coffee.

Cutting through buildings to avoid getting rained on..I guess you can only barely see here but I tricked out this camera with a Balenciaga strap and a BCBG studded attachment. The other camera has a vintage ’70s strap from eBay..I’m not really into that cheesy black branded one that comes in the box..

Holding two drinks in one hand is one of my few talents.

Going the wrong way is fun.

So is taking pictures of anime girls in the train station.


But then again I also like taking pictures of the ground.

Stepping onto the streets..wearing vintage coat (children’s section = very short sleeves), Forever 21 armwarmers, YSL ring, vintage Chanel backpack, vintage scarves, Topshop Unique suspender skirt, Zara henley, Target socks, and Jeffrey Campbell boots. I really like this skirt but the suspenders/garters are hopeless at staying put. I gave up the 500th time they came undone. Shot by Colin of course.

There’s nothing I hate more than these machines with clumsy groping claws. Not once has one retrieved me a stuffed anything. But I had to look cause these ones were really big and complicated.

We won’t talk about what was down those stairs.

Freezing. Soon soba would help.

View from inside the soba place.

A girl advertising a “maid cafe” in a fetching outfit. These are establishments where nerds can experience varying amounts of attention from females, no strings attached..not such a bad arrangement, right? Yukiko filled me in on the finer details.

Her accomplice across the street. Points for Love A Lot being magically attached to her skirt. She and Swift Heart were my favorites.

It’s easy to feel small here.

Even when you’re taller than all the cops. Undone again. And heading back to the hotel to pile on all my clothes for the next adventure.

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