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blush tones

01/12/2010, beauty, tokyo

Today’s makeup and sunset in Tokyo (with a just barely visible Mt. Fuji in the distance)..actually didn’t step outside once today because I was working all day at an event in the hotel but it looked nice. The hotel is so magical and easy to get lost in that it’s a good one to camp out in. Maybe it was freezing? Blandly temperate? Tomorrow I will venture forth for the opening of the Marc Jacobs store in Aoyama but for now it’s off to sleep.

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mercury duo a/w

05/09/2010, tokyo

The shoot I did with the adorable Japanese label Mercury Duo for their AW collection is now out – loving the ’70s vibe of the clothes. Shot by Kazutaka Nakamura over two days, one at a beautiful house an hour outside the city that I wanted to move into until weird bug bites started to become an issue, and one at a studio in Tokyo. My favorites are the tiny little paisley dress and that ribbed sleeve leather jacket. Yeah Japan!

Thank you and hiiii to Haruka, Yuka, and Kenji (who hunted all over Tokyo to find Colin’s favorite flavor of Pretz after I mentioned how hard it is to find and finally stumbled into a 7-11 “one rainy night” to buy an umbrella and saw them out of the corner of his eye glimmering from a shelf)…see you guys soon!

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vivi october

03/09/2010, tokyo

The shoot I did with ViVi back in July is out in the October issue..this is so crazy to me! For non-Japanophiles, ViVi is one of the most popular magazines over there and I’ve been a fan forever…I love how many photos they mash onto each page, makes for a lot of content to stare at, especially during long plane rides. Plus it’s just fun for me to see an entire magazine full of half-Japanese models..way more relatable than most everything I pick up. I brought a suitcase full of my clothes to a house studio and styled them with pieces from Mercury Duo’s latest collection…you may recognize a few pieces. The girls from ViVi and photographer Osami Yabuta were so much fun to work with and this is pretty much a dream come true..ありがとう ViVi!

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three days in tokyo

12/08/2010, my photography, photo diary, tokyo

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1. view from the Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel
2. surprise dinner guest, photographer Yasumasa Yonehara
3. Miu Miu store in Aoyama with Yukiko and Takako from Elle, within lies the most ideal pair of leopard print ankle boots imaginable
4. random desolation
5. Chun Li buns
6. colorful bikes by Shiba Park
7. breakfast on the 33rd floor
8. current favorites in a cab through Omotesando: Obakki cowl bag, vintage/Dannijo/Forever 21/vintage rings, vintage scarf, Alexander Wang dress

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tokyo photo diary 3

20/07/2010, jewelry, my photography, photo diary, tokyo

Some shots from my trip to Japan a couple weeks ago: shooting with Mercury Duo and ViVi, making the most out of my proximity to Topshop and Opening Ceremony, wandering around Shibuya with my mom, breaking in my Obakki zipper bag, testing as many different coffee drinks from 7-11 as possible, jewelry I picked up along Takeshita-Dori, cheesy grins with Osami Yabuta, the wall collage that ViVi made from my blog photos, Shibuya by night, and baggage claim to mark the end.

Going back to Tokyo is always so amazing it almost feels like a relief..every time I come home I feel a little empty for a few days as I transition back. Depressing huh. But I’m working on figuring it out to where I can spend a lot more time in Japan..I’ll keep you guys posted!


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