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tokyo fashion week photo diary

04/01/2014, fashion week, tokyo

 photo rbshib_zpsab5f8ea5.jpg photo photo-495_zps8b8c3365.jpg photo dayz7_zpsd3f40001.jpg photo photo-496_zps59b7f560.jpg photo photo-497_zpsfc4924cf.jpg photo gray8_zps0f087a01.jpg photo leaningi_zpsfb4232b2.jpg photo kousat2_zps8cde81dc.jpg photo nana1_zps97d84158.jpg photo photo-500_zps57bfaee4.jpg photo gray9_zps09d759d8.jpg photo photo-498_zps50fc8db2.jpg photo kaleid1_zps4c6cbd76.jpg photo fishwall_zps04c51e05.jpg photo ms2_zps5bafbaf6.jpg photo rainy1_zpscb2bee19.jpg photo photo-499_zps90bbab14.jpg photo kten1_zpsf832ab6d.jpg photo leaning3_zpsc7bea3f9.jpg photo dayz2_zps0a6b53af.jpg photo nana2_zps14432a84.jpg photo ssweater1_zps97216fa6.jpg photo gray6_zpse2475392.jpg photo gray7_zps62317c9f.jpg photo photo-491_zps42b3fbc9.jpg photo lavache_zpsead8aa37.jpg photo ssweater2_zps9d71c7a0.jpg photo photo-493_zps1aeafd4e.jpg photo mparty1_zps77a4768a.jpg photo kaleid3_zps946e24d6.jpg photo gray2_zpsf43dec3c.jpg photo ms3_zpsfcfdaf03.jpg photo mparty2_zpsc11843c9.jpg photo dayz8_zps5f9b68bc.jpg photo rbshib2_zpsa9b7d8e1.jpg photo mparty3_zps2dce2609.jpg photo photo-492_zps6ed46057.jpg photo gray1_zps81d2fb68.jpg photo alleys_zps5abb0e28.jpg
 photo photo-488_zps8d1bcd1d.jpg photo photo-502_zpsc1187068.jpg photo green2_zps2d995812.jpg photo ms1_zpsd724a028.jpg
 photo crepe_zps3054cd3e.jpg photo photo-489_zpscc824421.jpg photo dayz9_zps26259794.jpg photo photo-503_zps6bcffb9c.jpg photo murua_zpsa8085f95.jpg photo ssweater3_zps25723aa2.jpg photo glasses_zps5eb46a4d.jpg photo photo-490_zpsc797cb4c.jpg photo photo-485_zps88889398.jpg

Starting the new year off right. With a post I meant to put up two months ago. I gave you guys glimpses into my experience at Tokyo fashion week via Instagram updates and outfit posts but here’s a fuller scope of what I got into over there. With the traquillion times I’ve been to Japan the past few years, this was my first time getting to attend the shows at their official Mercedes Benz fashion week. These were shows that were unafraid to take very honed in angles. The A Degree Fahrenheit show was executed completely in tangerine orange, Murua was Neverland whimsy complete with a crinoline parade, and Somarta‘s neutral toned kimono dresses were streamlined to perfection.

My favorite was the last show I attended – menswear line Sise by Seishin Matsui. Which was also the night of the typhoon that made drinking Moscow Mules at the top level of the Cerulean a pretty surreal experience (see the photo that is second to last). Imagine an outdoor show at night in a stadium with torrential rain coming down on all sides lit by chandeliers that were good at swinging eerily. But anyway, if you want to re-learn how to style existing things in your wardrobe, look slightly Swedish, and wear pants in general you should watch this video. There’s an effortless look for everything here and yes I know that’s a curse word. See: blogger road trip desert edition and answering the door of your hotel room in Vegas anytime before 10am. If I haven’t convinced you yet, watch it for the song. Trust me it’s awesome. All 15 minutes of it.

Thank you so much for MBFWT and Murua for having me and I hope you guys enjoy the photos of one of my favorite cities!


新年一番、去年から2ヶ月も怠っていたポストから始めたいと思います。去年のうちからも東京のファッションウィークやコーディの写真をチラチラとインスタグラムで紹介していますが、このポストで全貌を見てくださったらと思っています。この数年数えきれないくらい日本に行きましたが、今回初めてメルセデスベンツの公式ファッションショーに参加させていただきました。日本のデザイナーの超ユニークなアプローチは世界にもまれなものです。A Degree Fahrenheit のショーはすべてタンジェリンオレンジの色彩で、Murua の幻想的なネバーランドはクリノリンのパレードでその効果抜群、Somarta の自然色の着物風ドレスは きれいな流水線で完璧なショーにおさまっていました。

ご招待してくれたメルセデスベンツ.ファッションウィークとMurua にこの場を借りて心から感謝します。皆様に私の大好きな都市の写真を楽しく見てくださればと思います。


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murua ss14

16/11/2013, tokyo

 photo image_zpsca246187.png

Some snapshots from the Murua show last month in Tokyo, I loved my bomber jacket on dungaree on mock neck look I picked out at their showroom. Thank you so much for having me Momoko and company!

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at the murua afterparty

03/11/2013, tokyo

 photo murua10_zps3f44880e.jpg photo murua1_zps6af0a31a.jpg photo murua8_zpsa112072c.jpg photo murua6_zpsa2af7d15.jpg photo murua5_zpsb174447e.jpg photo murua12_zps94e9bfbe.jpg photo murua11_zpscd162973.jpg photo murua9_zpse2f5a4c3.jpg photo murua16_zps3176c813.jpg photo murua17_zps3fc703b2.jpg photo murua13_zps682392d5.jpg photo murua14_zps7a3d1eb6.jpg photo murua18_zpsde7bac1b.jpg photo murua24_zps217e3b1c.jpg photo murua21_zps238f988e.jpg photo murua19_zpsae9b299e.jpg

(Murua top, All Saints skirt, Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag)

Backtracking to Tokyo and the most action packed night of my weeklong trip. Typhoons exclusive. I had the best time toasting the beautiful show with one of the cutest people alive and Murua producer Momoko Ogihara, stylist for the show Kate Lanphear, and Tokyo friends old and new at labyrinthine club Sound Museum Vision. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate and how essential for life are the sunglasses?

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30/10/2013, tokyo

 photo shimo2_zpsf911b1a4.jpg photo shimo_zpse544dc5d.jpg photo shimo1_zps1e799356.jpg photo shimo5_zps18dbb399.jpg photo shimo10_zps3a3dcdd9.jpg photo shimo8_zps32b35636.jpg photo shimo6_zpsdfbd1b27.jpg

(Dayz Tokyo nude dress, Goyard tote bag, Wego Harajuku slipons)

One of my best Sundays this month was a wide open sunny one spent walking around Shimokitazawa, which I’m going to hate myself for describing as the Williamsburg of Tokyo but there it is. Just two subway stops from my Shibuya safety zone, this area is a complete requirement for anyone visiting the city. It’s full of tiny alleyways and things that charmingly look like they’re going to collapse and everything that you want to decorate your home with except it’s too pointy for suitcase transport. Make sure to visit Village Vanguard because they sell everything your subconscious has thus far failed to will into existence. I carried the Goyard tote I got in Paris to fill up with my purchases and wore a mock necked nude dress from The Dayz Tokyo whose shop in Laforet I weirdly visited multiple times. All about the simple silhouette and the ease with which it can be dressed down.

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lost in the crowd

16/10/2013, alexander wang, phillip lim, tokyo


(Isabel Marant Brad sweater, Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, Alexander Wang skirt, Phillip Lim Vincent mules and Zip Around Backpack)

In the heart of Shibuya, the iconic all-ways crosswalk that sends everyone on their way after exiting the JR train station. I’ve shot here so many times for both my blog and Japanese magazines but there’s always a new angle to take on this beautiful cluster#*(@. Japan is still July-warm but I’m inspired by the surely miserably hot salarymen in their suits to suffer a little in my toddler length sweaters. These are all pieces that I’ve been wearing over and over again in different equations – the Wang skirt I bought last winter is proving to still be useful, especially when updated with Phillip Lim’s new season mules (so comfortable they’re airportworthy) and super slick backpack.

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