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stockholm fashion week photo diary

18/09/2013, fashion week, stockholm

 photo brblkdnm_zps331ac239.jpg photo situationsthlm_zpsf1999a9f.jpg photo bikes9_zps13667774.jpg photo gamlastanbench_zps13947ffe.jpg photo vikingcountry_zps57e70c70.jpg photo bjornborg_zps1968b267.jpg photo nobis3_zps982f4c59.jpg photo acneshopping_zpse8bdbc1f.jpg photo bikes7_zpscbf2f909.jpgcheapmondaysnow photo palace9_zps169ecac9.jpg photo champagne_zps4bb3f763.jpg photo jd_zps39be38f8.jpg photo gamlastansquare_zps846c83e1.jpg photo bikes1_zpsd2298055.jpg photo zink3_zpsa1dbe44e.jpg photo acnestudios_zps8c3bed90.jpg photo zink1_zps70dbb8cf.jpg photo denimshortsdayoutsideacne_zps09d0f8ea.jpg photo cheapmondayseat_zps6103a703.jpg photo gamlabench2_zps8aa08fd0.jpg photo barrougebryan_zps03c4d276.jpg photo tomtarandtroll_zps28cd40a9.jpg photo smoke_zps71d7d50c.jpg photo velocite_zpsbe40c2cb.jpg photo annsofieback1_zps13463afd.jpg photo bikessky_zps110b1a83.jpg photo brick4_zps55e8d7bd.jpg photo stepshalfshot_zps02789ed2.jpg photo berzwater1_zps94c1a992.jpg photo fabian_zpsef6d32d5.jpg photo clearpalace_zps3a26b5cb.jpg photo missuniversum_zpsc5da5c7c.jpg photo loot_zps21cca1de.jpg photo brick2_zps4dde3379.jpg photo morningtexastuxedo_zpsaed8b154.jpg photo toast_zps189427bd.jpg photo bymaleneshopping_zps1fbc0c2e.jpg photo velocitenobis_zpsf5652405.jpg photo lj_zps8ff66bdf.jpg photo sheer2_zpsb756ee56.jpg photo acnestudioswindow_zpsd6ecaefb.jpg photo palacelean_zpsd107853c.jpg photo sheer3_zps541d1a3d.jpgtwins photo velocitenobis2_zps3e738995.jpg photo busstop_zpscd41b202.jpg photo zink2_zps50a6207d.jpg photo zinkfood_zps8c069a25.jpg photo boy7_zps845475ee.jpg photo clock_zps64dac6de.jpg photo trio_zps7e8239ba.jpg photo nobisbikes1_zps9dcfb4f5.jpg photo boy2_zps41b6b239.jpg photo bikes8_zps937f7f41.jpg photo bikes5_zpsfe276487.jpg photo palacelean2_zps574bd61b.jpg photo court12_zps3311c700.jpg photo backofacnedress_zps9d1176fe.jpg photo bikes4_zpse5a7a081.jpg photo berzwater2_zps6aa26873.jpg photo boy5_zps81144327.jpg photo dayoneiphone_zpsc2b4748b.jpg photo annsofieback2_zpsea4d733a.jpg photo bridgeview_zps9a414cc8.jpg photo clutchflower_zps97d5e650.jpg

Such a beautiful week in Stockholm – thank you to everyone who made the trip so special! Feel free to me about outfits/shows/general whatever or maybe my policy about what happens to selfies that are taken on my phone. Hope you enjoyed my trip in photos, this is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit.

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04/09/2013, alexander wang, stockholm


(By Malene Birger Kafi camisole, Ksubi shorts, Alexander Wang sandals, Line & Jo and Hortense necklaces)

I’d been peering flirtatiously at this camisole on Net-a-porter for months and trying it on at the actual By Malene Birger shop in Stockholm confirmed its oversized perfection. I wore it in the last bit of Swedish sun I got with my go-to Ksubis and Wangs in the emptied out courtyard that the Cheap Monday show took place in a couple days prior. I might photo diary the rest of what I shot in Stockholm due to chaos reasons – I’m squirreling around in LA trying to get ready to leave for New York tomorrow morning. See you guys at fashion week!

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kungliga slottet

01/09/2013, balenciaga, balenciaga cutout boots, stockholm


(Bryanboy for Adrienne Landau cutout sweater, random sheer tank, BLKDNM leather pants, Balenciaga boots, Line & Jo earring, necklace, and rings)

I’ve just returned from a week in Stockholm, one of my favorite cities. Ever. Like I want to be there still instead of other places. It was my third time visiting and I’m pretty comfortable with the lay of the land at this point, it’s pretty small in reality and their Williamburg is way closer to their Upper East Side if that makes any sense. Actually sort of right up against. Which makes a stroll by the Royal Palace a very real daily activity and which also means it’s always worth it to have your most cumbersome photo gear saddling you down. These shots were taken towards the end of my stay – the mission of the afternoon was to roam around medieval Gamla Stan, go to my favorite orange juice spot in the main square, and peer at the pelt shops. Bryan shot me on the rainy walk over in my favorite piece from his collaboration with Adrienne Landau, this sort of anime character appropriate cutout sweater shrug situation which is the snuggliest and also the weirdest way to keep warm. So nice in this deep jewel-ish blue. I layered it over a camisole I’ve had since high school and kept the bottom half sort of tough and waterproof. Seriously what is wrong with me to where this is more comfortable than a tshirt and jeans, I just don’t understand. Sorry to anyone else in LA looking at these photos the weather disconnect is all the way unforgivable. Never since moving in have I been driven to the point to seeing if my air conditioning actually works. Take me back to Northern Europe..

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stockholm photo diary

29/11/2012, acne, ankle boots, balenciaga, brr dude, my photography, photo diary, proenza schouler, stockholm, zara


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leopard and velvet

02/11/2012, actually wearing jeans, ankle boots, brr dude, céline, stockholm


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