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crush crush crash

03/11/2010, california love, halloween, la, silverlake

This weekend I played hostess to a five day long organic café tour and slumber party at my place in Silverlake with my beloved Bryanboy, who was not only visiting LA but California for the first time. Ever. This also of course happened to coincide with Halloween so we spent a good chunk of time combing Hollywood Toy and Costume, Wasteland, and H&M, him to put together his “sexy Tavi” look (an approximation of her Proenza Schouler in case it wasn’t glaringly obvious) and me to browse aimlesssly and buy lots of things that didn’t relate to each other (deciding at the last minute to be a movie character so obscure that no reference points exist on the internet drained what little spirit I had to dress up this year). I’m partial to my newly assigned fraternal twin, but gage how he fared against the competition on Refinery 29. I ended up putting together a boggled failure of a costume that can only be described as broken fairy/confused raver/crushed insect circa 1990-something/drunk Tinkerbell. We went through the proper procedure of going to a few parties and freezing in between them with Colin, who came up for the night, but the highlight was definitely 7-11-ing at the end of the night all bundled up. And watching Bryan try to get away with a crotchety old woman act with multiple cab drivers. And discussing tapeworms at length in a car full of people that probably didn’t want to discuss tapeworms. And remembering that Silly String and Blow Pops exist. And hailing that last cab so triumphantly that it pretty much happened in slow motion. Halloween never goes the way you think it will.

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bumming around in silverlake

13/08/2010, ankle boots, balenciaga, california love, la, silverlake, vintage

(vintage open knit fringe dress over vintage silk slipdress, Mercury Duo shorts, Fiorentini & Baker boots, Forever 21 necklace, Balenciaga bag)

A while ago someone left a comment that sort of stuck with me, describing what my style used to be as charming, whimsical, hardcore, and hippie all rolled into one (simultaneously saying that it was no longer any of that and that I was losing myself..but that’s not at all my point). Though made in a slightly negative context, they had some interesting points to bring up and had my best interests in mind – I found it more interesting than hurtful. I have a hard time defining my style..mostly I just grab things I like, literally from everywhere, and then tweak the details until it all looks right to me in that particular moment. But I like the sound of those four words used together, even if that anonymous commenter was trying more to describe what they weren’t seeing…I think my problem is I’d rather wear and live in the clothes rather than ponder exactly why I wear them (also why I dread the template interview). Overthinking the meaning of the semi-meaningless is one of my least favorite parts of the world of blogging..probably because sometimes my mind falls victim to it too. Ideally style is first and foremost a natural, personal thing..the blogs or even people in general outside of fashion that I find the most inspiring are the ones with a very specific point of view.

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alright tonight

28/07/2010, alexander wang, la, silverlake

(Forever 21 top and shorts, Wish vest, Miu Miu clogs, Alexander Wang Diego bag, hat borrowed from Kristin)

The rest of the outfit from a couple posts ago. Taken at my still very bare bones place in mom is promising to come bearing chairs. Which is about as far as I’ve gotten on the whole thing aside from dreaming of thrifting the perfect lamp (make that several) and coming to a screeching halt while driving by a garage sale to have them tempt me with a giant/awesome mirror (already sold..hey then take it to the crazy back already). Turns out I’m not terribly good at applying myself when it comes to interior design, aside from mockingly pointing things out as “key pieces” while shopping at stores that sort of intimidate me. Promise to post pictures whenever this stops being the case.

Aside from which..this bright blue top that ties in confusing ways makes me happy right now as does pairing black clothes and brown shoes.

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five o’clock light

23/07/2010, ankle boots, california love, la, silverlake, white dresses anonymous

(Society for Rational Dress dress, Fiorentini & Baker suede boots, Forever 21 dreamcatcher necklace)

A few recent purchases: dress and boots from the Barney’s Co-op sale in Philadelphia, feathered necklace from Forever 21, and a fistful of vintage rings from the LA flea market. The boots have snaps that go all the way up but I prefer them floppily folded over. Unfortunately this requires wearing my nerdiest shortest “socks”.

I’m in this very specific mood that has me wanting to drive out to the desert..hopefully this weekend.

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silhouettes and pink clouds

11/07/2010, california love, la, silverlake

(Wish vest courtesy of Revolve, Forever 21 sheer top, Pamela Love and vintage rings)

A few shots from LA this weekend…spent the last couple days moving and trying to divvy up my things so I can get dressed fully at our place in San Diego and up here. This would be painstaking but in a way I find a limited wardrobe more inspiring…same way I enjoy getting dressed out of a suitcase. I’m currently on a flight to Philadelphia sprawled across the slumbering boyfriend and wishing there were more food options on board than a fruit and cheese plate..we’re flying out to work with Free People and he’s going to shoot me for part of the October catalog. Free People always has such beautifully ethereal locations and styling, not to mention the best wispy dresses and boots, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

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