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black on black

26/07/2011, california love, la, silverlake, theyskens' theory

(LF silk dress, H&M belt, Hope bag, Theyskens x Theory wedges)

I like dresses with a slight kimono look to them..really easy to wear and style differently depending on your mood but I’m still looking for that perfect one. I used an H&M belt that a reader in Tokyo gave me at an event to cinch this one in…to be honest it’s been months that I haven’t known what to do with it but the black on black/suede on silk works for me. This in-between casual and not type of look is something that I think I subconciously do on purpose to avoid categorization.

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meadow in a city

25/07/2011, silverlake, vintage

(Karen Walker Number Six sunglasses, vintage coat and dress, Topshop lace up ankle boots)

Silver Lake Meadow (a dramatic name for a well kept lawn…meadows always required gurgling streams and wildflowers stretching to infinity in my mind) with half a watermelon, two spoons, and what can only be a child’s coat (see the velveteen) I found in a thrift store earlier this year.

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06/06/2011, ankle boots, isabel marant, neverending summer, silverlake

(Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Bimba & Lola bag, Isabel Marant suede boots, Michael Kors oversized men’s watch)

I love that my readers have such a keen eye for pieces I’ve worn before, makes me smile. I’ve been in this back to basics mood lately and have been digging up some of the clothes I used to wear to death…this dress is one of the few floral prints in my closet but anyone who owns this little piece of Topshop history will agree that it’s just..perfect. Doesn’t really need much assistance so I wore it with a pair of Isabel Marant boots from a few seasons ago that I managed to track down, a bucket bag that I bought in Madrid last fall, and one of my newer acquisitions, this massive Michael Kors watch that’s about five links lighter after taking it to a repair shop in Los Feliz. I’ve been meaning to buy a gold watch forever now but finally managed to follow through a couple weeks ago, mostly to try to make this Tokyo/Paris/London trip go more smoothly. Not groping about in my bag for my phone to get the time is a real novelty that I’m sure I will forget to appreciate almost immediately. Colin and I are leaving in a few hours for the airport and as usual I’m the sleep deprived loser scrambling around till three in the morning. Seriously though, packing for pretty much the rest of the month is so daunting that it’s starting to feel pointless. The digital luggage scale and it’s mocking beeps became the enemy at about midnight. Wish me luck getting at least an hour and half of sleep right now hah.

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windshield life

06/06/2011, california love, la, my photography, silverlake

One of my favorite parts about living in LA is ducking into side streets to avoid traffic and discovering the most distorted views and dreamy little neighborhoods. This happens almost daily but I happened to have my camera on hand today.

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i think, they thought “nobody” was there

28/05/2011, alexander wang, california love, isabel marant, la, silverlake

(BCBGeneration tank, Isabel Marant belt, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop boots, Alexander Wang Jena clutch)

Warm sunset in Silver Lake, so dreamy. Basic silk tank with the uniform. Ponytail courtesy of having used this awful new Garnier conditioner that turned my hair into what felt like a superglued mass affixed to my head. This ended up being depressing when my fingers kept getting stuck or my hair tosses abbreviated so I braided it upwards and pulled it back in defeat. I wish I was better at hair things so I could wear it some other way than down..but I always forget it’s even an option to do something more than nothing to it. Maybe I’ll try to remember to screw with it more. This week I’m cementing some summer plans – right now it’s looking like Tokyo to Paris to London and then the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco in August. I haven’t left California since the Tokyo earthquake cause I just wanted to stay put for a while but I’m getting excited to work on a summer suitcase and see some new sights. Feels like it’s time again.

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