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denim update

06/12/2008, shopping

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Hot Topic is henceforth my favorite place to buy jeans. Such a perfect fit, and $40 a pop? Mmmmmmk. And I think I’m entranced by that mutant silver zipper.

The only problem being that after I placed my order online, I had to call and verify my identity before they would ship it. Apparently they have a lot of kids going to town with their parent’s credit cards? So funny. But seriously, no one should have to go without Twilight merchandise and fluffy black petticoats, right?

I am exhausted after a crazy day with Kristin and Colin working on something that we’re all SO EXCITED about. Sleep has never sounded better.

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Head games

20/10/2008, inspiration, shopping

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I spent all day yesterday hanging out with Colin’s family, and upon declaring that I wanted to be the Childlike Empress for Halloween I was met with a sea of blank faces. Not a single person could remember the ethereal Fantastican icon? Whatever. My FCUK dress could work, leaving me with the problem of the crazy headpiece. Too bad House of Harlow isn’t out yet, Nicole’s would be perfect. I think I’ll try to get my hands on it when it comes out anyway, it would be just as gorgeous worn casually.

(if you’re as confused as they were you can investigate here)

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Say hi to my new shoes

27/08/2008, shopping

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Black black black. The first pair is by Aldo, the second by some weird company named “Promiscuous” via Zappos. I actually don’t even understand how the latter work but I had to see them for myself.

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Iwona Ludyga

27/06/2008, jewelry, shopping

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I do an immense amount of pretend shopping for my non-eBay job, which frequently results in me buying things I never would have otherwise (most recently: Kain tops) and discovering odd little lines, or, actually, big lines that I’m clueless about for whatever reason. I first noticed Iwona Ludyga’s jewelry by way of the twig-inspired bracelet, it’s organic design and rather delicate wood nymph-ish feel appealing to me so much that I would consider forgoing my usual armful of wrist-gear to focus attention on it. Further exploration turned up a gorgeous chain-linked double ring (please ignore the model’s pretty scary talons), a horizontal horn necklace, and a couple well done scapular-inspired pieces (is it weird to anyone else that these are becoming trendy?). I just might try out the bracelet, but what I’m really irrationally lusting after is the Electric Feathers chain vest that Susie posted earlier this week…

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Les chaussures Chloé

21/05/2008, shopping

As much as I love my massive collection of vintage boots, I’m kind of a heel whore and when this morning I languidly searched for the Chloe motorcycle heels on my favorite comprehensive shopping search engine for no other reason than to shamelessly ogle, I came across these on amazing discount heaven Yoox, which I have coveted madly since first setting sight on them in that Spring ’07 collection. Let’s just say I hope these run true to size, Chloe footwear neophyte that I am….and not to play the devil’s advocate here or anything, but they have a bunch more in different colors and styles…

Pardon the French title, my mom is in Paris this week and I am dyyyyyyyyyying of insane, impossible to contain jealousy. I told her to bring me stuff.


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