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back home

21/02/2010, sd

(Forever 21 leopard tights)

A return to actual warm sunshine..but I’m not feeling too good and am also kind of freaked out from watching The Craft on TV just now. Just when I was googling Fairuza Balk to make sure she really isn’t that crazy, I read that she served as an “uncredited technical advisor” for the movie based on her own neo-pagan beliefs and that she owned the biggest occult store in the US for a while (via wiki). Cool. Can’t say I didn’t love the wardrobe though. Hopefully I’ll dream about that instead of snakes..everywhere..

I’ve got a huge amount of photos to sift through from NY, will get started on that soon.

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for here or to go

14/02/2010, sd, vintage

(vintage plaid cape coat and clutch, Therese Rawsthorne dress, Forever 21 gloves and chain headband, Topshop boots)

Just finishing up packing right now. I’ve definitely learned my lesson on what airlines not to book when it really matters. Apparently those three flights out of San Diego that run every day are pretty popular. Kind of nervous about the cold out in NY but hopefully my small arsenal of largely untouched winterwear will work.

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do you feel what you’re not supposed to feel

11/02/2010, balenciaga, biker jackets for life, sd

(Alexander Wang jacket, vintage sheer shirt, skirt, scarf, and metal mesh bag, Balenciaga sandals, Grey Ant sunglasses)

I started the morning off cutting into an unripe mango and forcing myself to eat it anyway, opening the door to the UPS guy in an awkward non-outfit, and alarmed by the sudden existence of Google Buzz on my screen, and I really think all of this happening within ten minutes of waking up set the rest of my day off kilter. So the plan to spend the day packing to leave for NY the next morning (well, now this morning) and fitting in an event in downtown SD before we left somehow turned into Colin and I driving to Newport Beach to do something that took five minutes and with canceled flights that now have us arriving in New York on Sunday instead. Awesome. But must have been meant to be. I’m pretty depressed about missing so much but 70 degree temperatures for the next couple days sound a lot more friendly than a legitimate blizzard.

And the clothes…still obsessed with this jacket and I thrifted the massive scarf a couple weeks ago. I love how it obscures all it touches and takes center stage. I always wonder why so many scarves aren’t designed with about five times more volume but I guess I don’t have to anymore.

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there’s no way out this fade out

09/02/2010, alexander wang, biker jackets for life, brr dude, california love, sd

(Alexander Wang jacket, vintage everything else)

Saturday was stormy and the day was spent my favorite parts from Franny and Zooey, cleaning, and trying to make stir fry work with a really bare fridge. Peanut butter and raspberry jam and soymilk bare. Then I remembered that LF was having a sale so I dragged Colin along to La Jolla and made out with the only mid-height boots I’ve been okay with for a long time and a couple sweaters that required holding in the air four different ways before being able to make sense of them. We walked down to the beach to see how wild the ocean looked (very) and then ran back to the car in record time when the downpour began. Drove up to Mt. Soledad to see the cross on top of the city through the mist, tentatively evacuated vehicle safety to take a couple photos and break in the new boots properly in the mud, half froze to death in the sharp wind, and spotted seven bunnies scampering along on the grass. Felt very accomplished when I managed to photograph them in time.

Somewhere in between boring and perfect.

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van’s tavern

08/02/2010, sd, vintage

(vintage faux fur jacket and oversized sweater, American Apparel satin shorts, Plush thigh highs, Jessica Simpson platform sandals, Jas MB clutch)

Super Bowl Sunday. I cherish the day for being able to roam the entire county from the beach to the streets while the game’s on and have it feel as deserted as the island I don’t own yet…and faux-joining in on the enthusiasm with the drunk people stumbling from house party to sports bar and back. I wonder if this is very un-patriotic of me. Either way I’ve always found it more fun to partake in athletic activities than observe them. Not to imply that I’m actually good at anything besides tennis and batting cages cause I’m not.

These thigh highs are the most novel and I suppose practical addition to my closet in a while. They’re lined in fleece and so warm that I’ve actually found myself having to take them off in some rather awkward places. I bought the tights version as well and hope they help in some way against the cold in NYC in a few days.

And it looks like I’m probably going to Tokyo next month…crazy.

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