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03/06/2010, balenciaga, california love, neverending summer, sd

Running errands today…2 second outfit post for an outfit that took as much time to choose and put on..wearing Minkpink’s Rapunzel Maxi Dress with corseted back that Nastygal’s Sophia sent me, Jeffrey Campbell motorcycle boots, and Balenciaga bag.

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throw her in the water

02/06/2010, beach life, california love, sd, zara

(Zara dress and belt, gifted Aritzia shorts, Miu Miu platforms, gifted Karen Walker sunglasses, Balenciaga bag, vintage bracelets)

Catching some sun on a Tuesday afternoon in the fruits of a little shopping I did in Vancouver (Aritzia=wonderland)..I’ve been inadvertently adding all these nudes and pinks to my wardrobe, mostly in silhouettes that are about ten times the size of my body. Somewhere in my brain this makes sense.

Memorial Day was strangely uneventful..most of the time around here the fine holiday turns into an excuse for widespread excess alcohol consumption but things stayed pretty calm around the beach and there were only a couple woohoos per hour. This is fine by me for the purpose of maintaining a sense of personal space but if the 4th of July follows suit I’ll be slightly concerned.

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make or break

23/05/2010, alexander wang, sd, vintage

ph. by my friend AK
(thrifted cut up boy’s thermal, Rumi x RVCA Triad Tank, UO frayed ruffle shorts, American Apparel sheer tights, BCBG boots, Alexander Wang bag, Grey Ant sunglasses, gifted Aldo nail polish)

Two ideas I’ve been fixated on lately: doubling up on whites (multiple dresser drawers of flimsy variations make this easy) and snug cropped knits (thermal waffle weave is close enough) to add some structure to oversized pieces. Haven’t seen anything in stores so I’ve cut up some of my own. Layered over the tank I designed for RVCA, which will finally be available to purchase soon..also in black of course.

On the agenda this week: photo shoot tomorrow with Elle Girl Japan, a trip to Vancouver with Colin for the launch of Obakki‘s f/w collection, and the release of my Forever 21 campaign that someone tweeted me a photo of from New York (thank you Jane!) while I was out last night..made for some pretty public hyperventilation. Really really surreal. Look for the campaign here in the US, Japan, and Korea. Thank you to my readers for all the support…never did I think…

Happy Sunday xx

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light as a feather stiff as a board

18/05/2010, sd

ph. by Colin
(thrifted fuzzy sweater, UO ruffle shorts, Swan Diamond sock garters, Target thigh highs, Miu Miu satin platforms, Pamela Love rope earrings, cross ring, and cage ring courtesy of Bona Drag, OPI polish in Light My Sapphire)

Wearing a fistful of shiny new accessories. Turns out simultaneously clutching a golden skull and a droopy turtleneck is a great way to demonstrate what rings you are wearing. I mean that as facetiously as I can when actually posting these photos. The cage ring hasn’t come off since I received it last week..the fully functional hinge brings me a little bit closer to cramming as much metal on my fingers as Karl does. A zoomed in look at his rings during a random YouTube video of him I watched a while ago revealed he had every usable bit of surface area covered…over his trademark leather gloves if I remember correctly. Impressive.

Otherwise: eBay-ed back issues of The Face, creepy fuzzy 90s sweater that became even more questionable when I washed it on all the wrong settings, pale pink elastic sock garters, navy nails, and the last inch of a leftover Valentine’s Day candle.

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no soap radio

17/05/2010, california love, sd

ph. Colin
(gifted Gypsy 05 top and Alexis silk pants, F21 headband, Grey Ant sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Jas MB clutch)

I love these pants so much..more comfortable than pajamas/sweat pants/anything else whose sole purpose is to enable slovenliness. My favorite outfits fall into this category of being somewhere between simple and messy..and then stacked on top of five inch footwear…but you probably already knew that.

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