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float like a butterfly sting like a bee

05/07/2010, california love, neverending summer, sd

(Karen Walker shades, gifted Mercury Duo dress from Japan, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent wedges, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Summer is all about easy pieces like these..this is a pretty common ‘type’ for a maxi dress but I love the double straps that give way to braided leather at the neck and the fact that it’s completely ruffle-less. Thank you Haruka and Yuka! Also wearing this dissected watch band that I picked up shopping along Takeshita-dori in Harajuku as a necklace.

Wore this for my first outing back at home in San Diego to go get ceviche and Mexican fruit salad..soo good. Tomorrow I pick up the keys for my new place in LA, can’t wait…

Happy 4th of July to my US readers..hopefully it isn’t as cold where you are as it is here tonight.

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mellow yellow

27/06/2010, back to the woods, california love, sd

(hooded poncho and cable knit shorts courtesy of Stolen Girlfriends Club, Rumi x RVCA Triad tank, Lonely Hearts bodysuit, DIY/F21 body chain, Free People x Jeffrey Campbell boots)

The idea of sweater shorts is sort of hilarious to me…I had a pair when I was little mostly for warmth purposes as far as I can recall but I knew I loved these when I first saw them in New Zealand…anything that can simultaneously channel arctic and bohemian probably needs to be in my closet. They’re really that thick and nubby, not that I would expect SGC to skimp on the sturdiness of a cable knit…everyone knows that the guys can slash and tear but their cozier pieces are what really get me. These in particular would keep you warm by the most pitiful of bonfires.

We shot these in San Diego by the tallest stalkiest yellow flowers..couldn’t have dreamed them up to be any crazier than they are. There are fields where they literally go on forever…but those are far away at the moment, I just checked into my hotel in Tokyo and am heading to sleep..finallly…

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even side

23/06/2010, actually wearing jeans, balenciaga, california love, sd

(eBayed shirt, Stevie jeans courtesy of Elizabeth and James, UO leopard scarf, Ray-ban aviators, Jessica Simpson heels, Balenciaga bag)

What I wore today while running last minute errands before flying out to New York tomorrow for the Forever 21 store opening in Times Square..which devolved into dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants instead of packing. I figure I’ll sort it out in the morning and just throw everything I’m liking the most into a suitcase/hope for the best/what I always do no matter what. I wanted to bring these jeans because I’m obsessed with them but 90 degree weather forecasts killed that idea…the top I bought months ago on eBay from South Korea (keyword fringe can be useful) and forgot all about it until it finally arrived in a spacey silver mailer last week and turned out to be the most perfect fringe tshirt ever. The only weird part being that the label in the back reads “Colin”. Random.

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weekend shots

21/06/2010, california love, sd

My last weekend at home for a little while..traveling to New York and Tokyo this week, then Philadelphia and San Francisco in July. And finally signed a lease on the perfect crash pad in LA so I won’t have to be driving back and forth from San Diego the same day all the time. Well I’ll still be driving a lot but it’ll just make things..easier. Plus my mom got me those crazy transparent “Ghost” chairs..I’ve always wanted those things and for no specifiable reason. Newer pieces I’m wearing here: meshy Alexander Wang henley, Winter Kate silk cardigan, vintage stone ring, and Forever 21 lace ruffle shorts they gave me from the photo shoot.

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balance beam

18/06/2010, sd, topshop, vintage

(‘Tuli’ cape courtesy of Tigerlily, vintage striped knit, shorts courtesy of Aritzia, Topshop Wisteria wedges, Urbn knot headband, vintage jewelry)

Striped long sleeve tops are one of those things I’m always looking for..I like that the material of this one is somewhere in between a tshirt and heavier knit. Also wearing the other half of my Topshop order – the chiffon tie Wisteria wedges that I jumped on when they restocked. So perfectly mummy-like..though I haven’t figured out the most ideal way to do them up yet.

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