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22/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand, runway

Fresh off of the Twentysevennames runway this afternoon here in New Zealand, the perfect hard/soft and dark/light looks. The past couple days have been a blur of fun, from a photo shoot with No magazine to talk show interviews to parties to the official first shows all day today. The designers here are so damn good and I’m going to be blogging all week both here and from Front Row Diary so be sure to check out the coverage there too.

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the ungaro show

09/03/2009, fashion week, paris, runway

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(Ungaro Dress, Forever 21 cuff, gloves, and jacket, Deep in Vogue scarf, Sam Edelman boots)

Some of you may have been wondering what exactly we came out here to Paris for..Esteban Cortazar, the genius behind Emanuel Ungaro, and I have been emailing for a couple months and he invited me to his show, which was obviously something I wasn’t going to turn down. It was a dream come true going to his studio for a fitting, especially when he had hand picked a selection of dresses that he thought I would like. It quickly became clear that we were going to get along perfectly – Esteban is as smart and witty as he is sweet. Meeting his team definitely became more surreal when a few people greeted me as the “girl from the mood board”. I was floored.

I chose an exquisite asymmetrical minidress from the spring collection with sheer detailing..the draped pleating at the skirt won me over immediately. After watching Maryna Linchuk walk in a killer look from the next day’s show and drooling over the strappy shoes lined up in the hallway, the beautiful Romelie packaged up my dress and Colin and I were on our way.

Sunday morning we calmed our nerves a little over pain au chocolat and got ready in a whir of flying accessories. Thank God I didn’t have to think of what to wear. We caught a few stares in the Metro for some reason and made it the show to find ourselves in the front row next to our new best friend Jim Goldstein and across from Rachel Zoe. I spotted Anna dello Russo nearby and approached her – she is so so sweet and was even inquisitive about me. We made it back our seats and after caressing Jim’s studded jacket a bit, the show began. I probably bruised Colin’s shoulder with all the nudging I did every time I saw looks and pieces that I would die to wear. There were cocoon-like draped dresses perfect for a night out, rad scrunched up studded gloves and tights, low-key sexy slouchy trousers, patent leather jackets, chain-bedecked knits (LOVE THE HOODIE), a stunning origami-reminiscent dress that closed the show, bags with the straps ingeniously wrapped around the wrist , and a barely there embelllished vest layered over a jumpsuit that I can imagine layering with everything in my wardrobe. Jaime found us after the show and we went backstage to congratulate Esteban and mingle before accompanying him and his friends and family to a celebratory lunch. Esteban keeps such good company, everyone was so welcoming and once we were seated the laughter and fun didn’t stop. What felt like minutes but was actually hours later, we said our goodbyes for the time being to recharge and get ready for the afterparty,

A huge thank you to Esteban and Jaime and all the amazing people we met through them!

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Late onset

01/11/2008, inspiration, runway

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Call me slow on the uptake but I hadn’t actually checked out the collection that included the boots we’ve all been dying over for the past couple months. Aside from discovering that they come in MINT and ORANGE SHERBET (just the knowledge that they’re out there somewhere makes me happy), I’ve decided that I’m in desperate need of ink splattery tie dyed minidresses, however unsold I remain on the monochromatic pastel look.

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Oh yeah, and they come in a transparent/black combination too. Topshop, how were these not mass produced? Mmm shiny stiff ruffles.

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The latest more affordable wares – I would have bought the cardigan but I swear to God Topshop has already sucked away wayyy too much of my money this month. I’m awaiting not one but two orders..bad bad. Included are Kate Moss wet-look skinnies, the studded Gucci k/o boots, and a D.I.P. dress. Though I doubt I would have been able to resist if she had recreated any of the three dresses on the left…

(sources: elle, topshop)

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Balmain forever

28/09/2008, runway

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And on my favorite models, at that. I would do anything for the black dresses, almost anything for the third, and the fourth I feel I can attempt to recreate with a vintage jacket I’m having dry cleaned right now. Christophe is God.


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Sex drugs and rock’n roll

04/03/2008, inspiration, runway

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No doubt a collection that one is either going to love or hate, Balmain’s Christophe Decarnin made no apologies with it’s trashy rocker chic aesthetic. Everything from animal print and leather to lace and chain mail was slashed into ubersexy body conscious cuts and paired with what looked to be heeled Minnetonka tramper boots (NEED). Though the collection could said to only appeal to a very specific customer (lithe body, incomprehensibly large bank account, and a very healthy nightlife), I’m fully in love with practically the entire collection and can’t wait for it to appear on the pages of French Vogue. Which should happen pretty soon considering it took Emmanuelle Alt about three seconds to get her hands on it. So perhaps tacky, perhaps crude, but if it worked for Tom Ford, then Christophe can’t be too far off the mark.

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Sources:, thecobrasnake

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