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max azria fw10/11

23/02/2010, fashion week, nyc, runway

(ph. by Colin Sokol)

Minimalism with a twist – Max Azria was extremely wearable but full of beautiful details that make you look twice. Paneling was slashed at an angle across loose dresses, draped tops turned around to entirely sheer backs that hung alluringly slightly off the body, legs were tightly leathered, and day-to-night dresses featured strong asymmetry. As a whole this struck me as a collection that you could pick four or five pieces from and be relatively set for any number of days/occasions. Even though my pack-everything, option-focused self would probably never want to actually see any such plan through. The muddy neutrals and monochromy seemed heavily ’90s but in a fresh way that has me wanting to play with the ideas in my closet..the pointy toed wedge boots can come too.

I wore a Topshop dress over a RVCA dress with this harness belt I picked up at some generic beachside store near my house + big old vintage faux fur to shield me from the snow and Jas MB clutch.

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perfect button front shirts

22/02/2010, runway


  1. Ann-Sofie Back FW10/11
  2. Proenza Schouler SS10
  3. Miu Miu top, shorts, and sash bag in Harper’s Bazaar January 1999
For spring I like the idea of button front shirts with slightly off detailing paired with shorts and skirts in ’90s-inspired silhouettes and this light, cold palette. Or the actual ’90s pieces themselves with enough thrifting. Not that anything could come close to that Proenza skirt..but I’ll try anyway.
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13/02/2010, runway

My favorite looks from Rag & Bone. In a way this all reminds me of that episode of Friends where Joey’s wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, but just impeccably designed and styled instead. My only qualm is that the fourth look is just begging for some headphones. Noteworthy: bolo ties, tone-on-tone, chunky knee socks, multiple scarves, buckled wrists, how to wear a cropped sweater, and the way this makes me wish that Gossip Girl was set in the nineties.

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mcqueen: #1 dress & the shoes

07/10/2009, runway

Exoskeletons/fins/rainbows/amphibians/Victoriana/butterfly wings/nightmares/oceanscape/vaults/Sirens/apocalypse/armadillos/Jadis…I love it when fashion reminds me of things that have nothing to do with fashion. Dissected and styled the pieces could be wearable, but I wonder if/how the shoes will be watered down for retail? More here.

On livestreaming and setting up glass pyramids around the world to beam his shows into, McQueen says, “This is the birth of a new dawn. There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible.”

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stolen girlfriends club

24/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand, runway

The Stolen Girlfriends Club show last night was absolutely insane, this is exactly how I want to dress right now. Blankety Navajo jackets, chunky knit dresses, fringed capes, studded collars, variegated good. Imagine my surprise when Marc Moore (who played a huge role in getting me down here to New Zealand, thank you!!!) named a piece after me – the zippered lace bell trousers that he showed me at their HQ that morning. The collection made me want to move into a mountain cave, herd sheep, and wrap everything up with jute. Love love love SGC.

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