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20/02/2011, fashion week, runway

The Pamela Love presentation at Milk was one of many highlights of fashion week for me, all uneven jagged crytals and pentacles and mixed metals. The best description I can come up with for the feeling of the collection as a whole is talismans fit for an ancient intergalactic war. Going to be dreaming about the gold cuffs, the simple cutout ring, and the earrings until they show up on Bona Drag..

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at salasai

17/10/2010, fashion week, new zealand, runway

(Forever 21 silk top and skirt, T Alexander Wang bra, Balenciaga bag, Topshop boots)

What I wore to the Salasai show..had 22 hours in LA in between New York and NZ and came home to a good sized web order from Forever 21, most of which was included when I repacked. The simple black skirt fits perfectly, very straight to the knee and flared the rest of the way down, and the top filled a long standing Chanel-induced star print void in my wardrobe.

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30/09/2010, new zealand, runway

Slices of the Salasai show last week that I loved. The gold foiling at the hair was mesmerizing..medieval princess from the front and alien growth in the back. Leather tshirts looked almost soft enough to be fabric, the classic button down was tweaked and sashed, and that knotted sweater the perfect mass of controlled chaos. I clicked around on their site for a bit and their previous collection offers similarly awesome pieces in netted leather and sheer silks. Would probably screw around with foiling my head in some meek imitation if I had the slightest idea where to begin.

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barely there

27/09/2010, nyc, runway

My favorite details at BCBG – filmy white silk, lace print dresses, raw mesh hems, that nude jumpsuit, and the inspiration to inject a shot of hot orange into my closet.

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details at cheap monday

07/09/2010, runway, stockholm

So Cheap Monday took the sauna suit and made it into killer menswear. That is insane and very distracting. But they also fused muted freshness with futuristic simplicity…yeah I think I mean that..hmm. Number one on my list is that crazy fleece bustier top..neither tight nor loose and in that perfectly nothing color. How are we taking the clear footwear?

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