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tokyo photo diary 3

20/07/2010, jewelry, my photography, photo diary, tokyo

Some shots from my trip to Japan a couple weeks ago: shooting with Mercury Duo and ViVi, making the most out of my proximity to Topshop and Opening Ceremony, wandering around Shibuya with my mom, breaking in my Obakki zipper bag, testing as many different coffee drinks from 7-11 as possible, jewelry I picked up along Takeshita-Dori, cheesy grins with Osami Yabuta, the wall collage that ViVi made from my blog photos, Shibuya by night, and baggage claim to mark the end.

Going back to Tokyo is always so amazing it almost feels like a relief..every time I come home I feel a little empty for a few days as I transition back. Depressing huh. But I’m working on figuring it out to where I can spend a lot more time in Japan..I’ll keep you guys posted!


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ny photo diary

09/07/2010, lifestyle, nyc, photo diary, topshop, vintage

June 23-25

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tokyo photo diary 2

18/03/2010, photo diary, tokyo

(photos by me and Colin)

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tokyo photo diary 1

16/03/2010, photo diary

(photos by me..please note that the emblem on the incense in the third to last photo is depicted in the Buddhist sense signifying universal harmony and was taken at Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa)

I would really love to move to Tokyo for a year or two. Everything there is such a specific, perfect version of itself.

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ny photo diary

04/03/2010, brr dude, my photography, nyc, photo diary, vintage

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

(photos by me and Colin)

Supposed to be packing right now but I like going through photos more than figuring out what to wear in Tokyo when my grandma explains that the weather is like winter one day and spring the next. One thing is for sure I’m not bringing any of the jackets I wore to death in NY.

Oh and if anyone has recommendations for awesome stores etc. in Tokyo please share..

And the Mexican hot chocolate at 88 Orchard is worth dying for.


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