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11 shots from new york

27/02/2011, nightlife, nyc, photo diary, runway, shoe porn, topshop
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amber light

19/01/2011, beach life, california love, la, photo diary, topshop

Playing at the beach this weekend in 80 degree fantasy weather, wearing Stone Cold Fox Drifter top (love this brand!), little creamy lace shorts I picked up in Tokyo, Jeffrey Campbell Nation Hi boots, Karen Walker sunglasses, and Topshop clutch that makes my phone and cash look encased in ancient sap. Fun to put things that glow in it.

And some random shots from this past week between LA and San Diego…


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the other city that never sleeps

27/12/2010, photo diary, tokyo

Still stunned by the fact that I ended up going to Tokyo 4 times this year, every time more unbelievable than the last. My two weeks there earlier this month were booked solid to the point that I only had time to see my grandparents once for like an hour, which makes me sound like a complete jerk but I’ll have to make up for that next time. I met so many inspiring people, became an expert at figuring out the most well balanced meal possible via convenience store, saw parts of the countryside around Tokyo I had no idea existed, went through four very different living situations, shot in the middle of the Shibuya kousaten, attended the Mark Styler show with Jessica Michibata, had a meeting with Vogue Nippon, was blinded by the wattage on the trees in Omotesando Hills, fell in love with clothing line Egoiste, converted my sweet manager Noriko into my Japanese teacher, changed my Starbucks order to a ginger vanilla latte, presented at an award ceremony for Japanese fashion bloggers put on by HP, went on a fuzzy sweater rampage at Laforet, dragged my suitcase through the streets to 10+ shoots, admired a tiny monkey in Roppongi for minutes, learned what it feels like to wake up at 3:30 in the morning, attended the opening of the beautiful new Marc Jacobs show in Aoyama, and saw my agency off with a night at Le Baron. Thank you to everyone I met for making the trip so special and I’m sure I’ll be back sooner than later.

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new york in november

21/12/2010, life in black and white, my photography, nightlife, nyc, photo diary, vintage


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nzfw photo diary

02/12/2010, fashion week, new zealand, photo diary

September 20-24, photography by Colin and me

Highlights: the Stolen Girlfriends Club show inside a creepy old theater, breakfast at the Hilton overlooking the water every morning, gigantic faux fur coats layered over dresses layered over pants at Zambesi, a spur of the moment trip to the top of Sky Tower with my dear friend Kris Hauser, hair bones, hijacking an Audi driver to go to Takapuna, velvet and massive corsets at Cybele, spilled champagne, a sheepskin-covered front row and perfect fuzzy sweaters at Ruby, ‘flat white’ coffee, Jimmy D’s chained tshirts and triangle bras, hourly rainbows, and a backstage raid after the Stolen show with Gala to borrow dresses for the afterparty. Much love to Marc, Anna (x2), Isaac, Dan, Luke, their beautiful wives, Liam, Kris, Max, Rachel, Anjali, and Murray.

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