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18/10/2013, acne, alexander wang, balenciaga, balenciaga cutout boots, fashion week, paris

 photo metro1_zpsf204cc6a.jpg photo metro2_zps5ac4adcd.jpg photo metro3_zps73b1fdc3.jpg photo metro4_zpsaf2b50e3.jpg

(Acne Mape jacket, T Alexander Wang tank, Mlle leather shorts, Vanessa Bruno bag, Balenciaga boots)

Biker jackets bought a size too big on purpose and biker jackets that are designed pre-oversized by people that are perfect at what they do – very different things. This Acne jacket is slightly my new best friend. Worn in Paris with the least summery summer outfit my suitcase had to offer.

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tip toeing on the marble mantle

07/10/2013, paris


(Vanessa Bruno geometric paneled dress, Old Gringo Motto Stud boots, Line & Jo rings, Essie polish in Power Clutch)

She’s perch happy. Shot these before a warm night out in Paris – the car wash dress is gladiator-y without being too literal and the boots just badass in the way that things with nailhead studs tend to be. Easy pieces that go a long way. I’m currently fixated on the idea of wearing this dress casually, with all it’s shiny panels and sheer bits I feel like it’s just asking for it.

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down by the river

07/10/2013, fashion week, isabel marant, paris


(Isabel Marant Brad cropped sweater and Preston skirt, Mlle Zaria tank, Saint Laurent Jane sandals, Theory muff bag)

So that thing that people talk about where they need time to digest a collection with the purpose of achieving stuff like perspective and maybe even the ability to apply concepts to real life didn’t factor in at all with Isabel Marant’s FW. All that thin knit mating and inexplicable upper boob slit work and silver studding seemed immediately capable of filling multiple quietly gaping holes in my closet. And now the wait is over, really, finally over. This cozy shrunken sweater and warrior princess skirt were the standout pieces to me, shot on Pont Alexandre III for Seine nymph (those exist) vibes and also cause actually anything/one would look perfect there.

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thick of it

02/10/2013, beauty, paris

 photo bumbl1_zps7af65d88.jpg photo bum_zps3ff331ee.jpg photo bumbl3_zpsef58109c.jpg photo bumbl9_zpsc4e60873.jpg photo bumbl10_zpsd74b656b.jpg photo bumbl8_zps5bec0d38.jpg photo bumbl12_zps39b82e3c.jpg photo bumbl11_zps571a9de1.jpg

Bumble and bumble sent me their new thickening products to try during fashion week here in Paris – I’m faithful (lazy?) for the most part when it comes to trying new hair products but Bumble always manages to prove that entire system wrong. These four little guys have been making the process of fluffing my non-wavy non-straight hair up into something so seemingly effortless that I can focus almost exclusively on fake fashion week problems. The process I’ve been using is soaking the conditioner into the ends, blow drying it halfway dry and putting it into two infantile buns for an awkward 15 minutes (NO I WASN’T GOING TO WEAR IT LIKE THIS TO COFFEE BUT NOW I JUST MIGHT), smushing the creme into ends to separate them a bit, and then using the dryspun finish lightly throughout for instant mane-ness. Thank you for my new routine Bumble!

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ready set

27/09/2013, balenciaga, balenciaga cutout boots, fashion week, paris

 photo mlle7_zpsea27270b.jpg photo mlle3_zps62f4fc6e.jpg photo mlle8_zps07a525e9.jpg photo mlle2_zpsf03acf7d.jpg photo mlle1_zps82456b44.jpg

(Mlle racerback leather tank and shorts, Theory muff bag, Balenciaga cutout boots)

More from Paris. Somewhere between casual, athletic, and not really casual at all. Love the dual curved hems and python side striping.

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