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iced tea in my hair

31/01/2011, california love, palm springs, topshop

(Topshop fringe dress and coat, Levi’s shorts, Egoist headband and necklace, Marni heels)

Determined to get through the rest of my Palm Springs pictures this week..some simple street shots of a sort of weather-ambiguous outfit. And speaking of which, can we talk about the insanity of Coachella tickets already going for up to $1800 on Stubhub? So glad I got mine last weekend, apparently just in time. Jeez.

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29/01/2011, california love, palm springs, phillip lim, topshop

(3.1 Phillip Lim jacket, Ellery top, knit shorts from Japan, Topshop boots)

Biker vibes in the Palm Springs mist.

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14/01/2011, california love, la, my photography, palm springs

1. One Teaspoon beaded bustier dress bought in New Zealand and LF long sheer dress from San Francisco
2. marsh life in Sonoma
3. sunset from Hollywood Boulevard
4. prepping in sequins in Palm Springs

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le contexte est plus fort que le concept

06/01/2011, details, jewelry, palm springs

I don’t think I’ve posted a close shot of this Iosselliani ring yet. Available at Tobi here. I like that it looks like a mistake that’s eating itself. Nails are my default You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI.

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three hundred and fifty four days of sunshine a year

28/12/2010, ankle boots, california love, palm springs, topshop

(Topshop dress, Egoiste necklace, Fiorentini and Baker suede fold over boots)

The only place that it wasn’t pouring last weekend- Palm Springs. Reason enough to drive out, so Colin and I packed up the car (or I took up every inch with shoes and coats I didn’t end up wearing) to stay at the Viceroy for a couple nights. I think around now is the most dead it gets out there, and the empty overcast gloom was creepily awesome juxtaposed against the time capsule of a town. I got this dress from the lovely people at Topshop Shinjuku who gave me free rein to choose three pieces to take home with me. Kid in a candy store experience. This dress (from Kate Moss’ last collection with them, so sad!) resembles a giant necklace/spiderweb and has some pretty good bell sleeves so it checks a lot of boxes for me. Could make a pretty good New Year’s Eve dress too but San Francisco is going to be a lot more unfriendly temperature-wise.

And I swear I can jump higher than that but the creepy mattress was just as sad as it looks…. it had zero give. Nice butterfly print though.

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