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14/09/2013, fashion week, nyc


(Calvin Klein Collection SS13 top, shorts, and shoes)

My favorite look from this past week in New York, in a specific kind of way where it felt completely me but also completely next level. That’s a special thing that happens sometimes, I think. The construction and detailing on this top are Stormtrooper meets Cinderella, well maybe that last part is just how it made me feel except for the part where I had to hail down the housekeeper in the hallway to zip me up. I wore this to Francisco Costa’s 10th anniversary show, which was two Instagram videos worth of beautiful. Congrutulations @costafrancisco!

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mondrian muse

13/09/2013, fashion week, nyc


(Robert Rodriguez top, All Saints skirt, Tom Ford heels, Burberry Crush bag)

I’ve loved my stay at the Mondrian Soho for NYFW, from the sweeping views to the perfect location steps from favorite spots like Saturday Surf and Reformation to the way every courtyard looks like a pixie forest, I really have been living in a dream like haze for the past week. Thank you to the amazing Mondrian team for having me here! Is it too soon to ask how soon I can come back?

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back in new york

06/08/2013, nyc, rag & bone, topshop


(Topshop cape top, Rag & Bone Paris skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Logan backpack, Anine Bing boots)

A simple but still kinda cracked out outfit from the last time I was in New York. Sorry Topshop but I kind of cut your pretty fairy shirt in half. I just flew into the city tonight for a shoot tomorrow in Brooklyn – make sure you’re following me on Instagram for updates! Also answered some questions on this old thing when I wasn’t being a window seat fetus so maybe go there too.

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broadway and grand

27/02/2013, j brand, nyc, proenza schouler, vintage

(Mademoiselle jacket, vintage tshirt, J Brand leather skinny trousers, Barbara Bui boots, Proenza Schouler PS11)

Quick flashback to New York in one of my, oh and I think everyone else ever’s, favorite ways to be dressed down. Skinny pants, tshirt, and fitted jacket formula, I hope you’re enjoying relevance immortality. This jacket is going to be my best friend this spring largely because I feel like it’s exactly what I’ve been fantasizing adding to my biker jacket collection for actual years now. Perfect fit and zipper pulls that took just enough steroids. I’m currently sitting at the Chicago airport in the weird sanctity of United’s “quiet room” while waiting for my flight to Paris and while at first I was whimpering out of boredom I am now like hey I feel pretty calm and focused. Don’t get me wrong, The Flight That Keeps On Getting Delayed More and More, you’re still ruining my life. Can’t wait to be in Paris already!

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before rag & bone

17/02/2013, alexander wang, isabel marant, nyc

(Isabel Marant jacket, Mademoiselle blouse, Alexander Wang leather skirt)

Love this shot by An Unknown Quantity, taken on the way into the Rag & Bone show. The mood wasn’t AS dramatic as this photo implies, but almost. I need to miss Nemo less.

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