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dressed up in the afternoon, soho

22/11/2010, mane and tail, nyc, topshop

(Lanvin for H&M dress, Topshop boots)

I have no idea how I managed to fit this dress in my suitcase when I packed it yesterday afternoon to come home to California. Unbelted, it juts out actual feet from the body in a way that makes you sort of pat yourself absentmindedly (I might mean creepily). I ended up getting three pieces from the collection after the show on Thursday night and figured it was worth freezing in it for ten minutes or so outside the Soho Grand since I have no idea when I’ll actually deem it appropriate to wear it again. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw sitting forlornly on a hotel bed in Paris or anything. But definitely a fun dress to wear, apparently at any hour of the day..I especially love the mousy color and nude neckline and general princess-ness going on.

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lanvin x hm

18/11/2010, nyc

Spent the day running around with Bryan and now I’m headed to the fashion show for the Lanvin x H&M collection. I know exactly what pieces I’m going to be looking out for at the shopping event afterwards!

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ny photo diary fashion week ss11

21/10/2010, nyc, photo diary

New York, September 9-17, photography by Colin and me

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rain after Y-3

16/10/2010, fashion week, in a button down again, nyc, topshop, vintage

(vintage shirt, Dannijo and vintage watchband necklaces, UO longline bra, Levi’s, Topshop Andi boots, Theory bag)

An outfit I made up in the backseat of Bryan’s car out of basics I’d stuffed into Colin’s backpack over the course of a few days. Tights are always the most entertaining to battle in small spaces. But they’re also my favorite thing to wear in the rain (they never get as miserably soaked as pants)…along with platform shoes for the freedom to step directly into smallish puddles. This bag makes everything look like I wore it on purpose.

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two for two

14/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, topshop

Miss you Bryan. Luckily we get along with each other’s boyfriends..though I am jealous that he’s hanging out with Elin in Stockholm right now. The diner from the first photo = worst food + best random 3am conversation. Oh, and every time we go out to eat he spills ice water a centimeter away from spelling certain disaster for either my technological devices or clothing or general temperature. But he never actually gets me. What is that Bryan?

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