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teen vogue young hollywood party

19/10/2010, california love, la, nightlife

(Elizabeth and James Greta kimono top, Dannijo necklaces, silk petal shorts, Jeffrey Campbell taupe Lita shoes, Balenciaga bag)

From a couple weekends ago at Paramount Studios, during the last full-on heat wave weekend we had here. My friend Andrew (Teen Vogue’s Style Blogger – Bryan and I mock him endlessly for not having an actual blog whilst throwing that title around) came out to LA to make sure everything went smoothly ie. accompany me while testing out Toast’s red velvet cupcakes and having drinks at bafflingly farmy smelling bars, peruse Pendleton at Opening Ceremony and try to convince me I needed a pair of Alexander Wang boots I probably need but continue to resist, and introduce me to the crooners at Dresden. Tangents. The party started off with a show put on by Michael Kors around the fountain, and the paper lanterns hanging in the trees and white couches scattered across the grass made for a beautiful scene. This month’s cover girl Lauren Conrad was in attendance looking impossibly polished, Alexa Chung DJ-ed, Amy Astley was as gracious as ever, and Andrew ran around looking slightly worried until we migrated to Hemingway’s so that actual worrisome things could happen.

What really matters: I’m joining in the choir of Lita obsessers. These are the most comfortable shoes to boost one so high, ever.

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jagged edge

08/10/2010, new zealand, nightlife, vintage

(vintage dress and bag, Wish vest, lace-up heels courtesy of United Nude)

After the Zambesi show (parking garage venue!) screwing around with Sarge and Gala pretending to do some kind of sixties glam thing and seeing how I feel about stiletto heels after a long separation. This is maybe one of the best vintage dresses I’ve ever thrifted, I’d love it even without the Tinkerbell-ish pinking sheared hem. And the perfectly awkward length sleeves. And heavy silk draping. Ahh it’s so perfect that it makes no sense. The show itself was massively on the way.

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polaroid scene

05/10/2010, new zealand, nightlife, nyc

Polaroids from the past month (New York, New Zealand, and LA this past weekend) scattered on my floor. I knew when I bought the Fujifilm Instax that I was either going to forget about it entirely or use it to death and go broke over constantly re-buying film. Turned out to be option B. I’ll try to get going on scanning these soon.

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alexander wang afterparty

28/09/2010, alexander wang, fashion week, nightlife, nyc, topshop

(Topshop cape dress, headpiece and necklace courtesy of Mr. Kate, borrowed Herve Leger cork platforms, muff bag courtesy of Theory)

Hopped from the Charlotte Ronson afterparty to pick up Bryan (fully committed to leapard print Givenchy) at the Soho Grand and then over to the Wang festivities ie. carnival in a parking lot teeming with every sort of beautiful person imaginable. Got to catch up with Andrew, Kristin, Amy, Mark, Marie, and Esteban Cortazar, make the most of my brief time with these beautiful shoes, and play in the inflatable castle, merry-go-round (which kept going even after someone managed to crack some planks on it mid-ride), and bumper cars. I can honestly say that there was nothing missing from that night….I really don’t know how he’s going to outdo himself next time around but I’m kind of sure he will.

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hi from new york

12/09/2010, fashion week, jewelry, nightlife, nyc, white dresses anonymous

Wearing a headpiece that Mr. Kate sent me last week and having some fun at the Soho Grand. Fashion week has been crazy so far..right now waiting for the Derek Lam show to start at Lincoln Center and trying to figure out what Leighton Meester is wearing. And since I suck at staying on top of posting when I’m traveling, see what I’m doing sooner on Twitter here.

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