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sleep to dream

02/10/2009, fashion week, new zealand

(Karen Walker sunglasses, Lou and Ash woolen jacket, RVCA tank, d luxe necklace, Pamela Love cross ring, Bona Drag lace flares with built in shorts let me add, vintage cuff, Miu Miu wedges)

In beautiful beautiful Piha an hour or so outside of Auckland, wearing my favorite summer basics + the raddest jacket I’ve ever seen. Lou and Ash is a new NZ label designed by Ava Sanders..everything is handknit and has this unmistakable look that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. I keep on thinking I’m going to reach a plateau with my knitwear obsession but instead I just get crazier about fringing and patchworking and now the progression into knit shorts and dresses and the like is looming. Thank you to Anna and her adorable dog Olly for showing us some of the beautiful countryside. So adorable was he that even after barfing in Colin’s lap (hey, windy roads) during the car ride over his charms remained irresistible. The best part about it being that he had been sitting with me for twenty minutes and quite purposefully made his way over to Colin in order to make himself more comfortable. We can’t wait to go back and spend a week tromping around in the wilderness..this place puts Hawaii to shame. I have so much more from both NZ and NY to post! Still finding memory cards to download. Sorry about that last shot, Marc is clearly a vampire since every shot where he’s even just milling around in the background of the photo comes out blurry. Weird.

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the other side

28/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand

(Forever 21 necklace, vintage tshirt and coin clutch, Deadly Ponies bracelet, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop suede ankle boots)

Patiently waiting for the Stolen Girlfriends Club show to begin. I ended up wearing this there by accident because I didn’t have time to paw through my mile high stack of clothing at the Westin…though now that I think about it my bedraggled attempt at glamour probably made more sense at night anyway. Somehow I manage to be late for everything even when relying (accurately!) on everything to be late anyway. The show taking place both after dark and later on in the week made its different location really refreshing…after running through the rain we all crammed into a musty humid room and milled about happily before being handed jars of wine and slowly making our way upstairs to where the runway was set up. Beautiful beautiful show, ran around some more, chatted with the lovely Melinda and Zara from No magazine, changed into a dress I had stuffed into Colin’s backpack, did a massive group order at the McDonald’s drive-thru, and headed to the afterparty. Thank youu to Marc Dan and Luke for being such rad hosts and for the best dinner the next night. NZ seafood is freakishly good.

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25/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand

(Claude Maus dress, vintage fishnet cardigan, Deadly Ponies belt strap bag, Ashish for Topshop boots)

From the first day of NZFW…I wore a dress I picked up with Anna at Black Box here in Auckland. I love the longer hem in the back and this sort of half cutout it has going on in the back. I started the day off early with an interview for a TV station and spent the rest of the day checking out shows and running back and forth from the Westin to the tents and eventually changing when the winds suddenly reached gale force.

We’re off to enjoy a few free hours before checking out the Pamela Anderson/Richie Rich collaboration show A*Muse tonight. Should be exciting!

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stolen girlfriends club

24/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand, runway

The Stolen Girlfriends Club show last night was absolutely insane, this is exactly how I want to dress right now. Blankety Navajo jackets, chunky knit dresses, fringed capes, studded collars, variegated good. Imagine my surprise when Marc Moore (who played a huge role in getting me down here to New Zealand, thank you!!!) named a piece after me – the zippered lace bell trousers that he showed me at their HQ that morning. The collection made me want to move into a mountain cave, herd sheep, and wrap everything up with jute. Love love love SGC.

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22/09/2009, fashion week, new zealand, runway

Fresh off of the Twentysevennames runway this afternoon here in New Zealand, the perfect hard/soft and dark/light looks. The past couple days have been a blur of fun, from a photo shoot with No magazine to talk show interviews to parties to the official first shows all day today. The designers here are so damn good and I’m going to be blogging all week both here and from Front Row Diary so be sure to check out the coverage there too.

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