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jagged edge

08/10/2010, new zealand, nightlife, vintage

(vintage dress and bag, Wish vest, lace-up heels courtesy of United Nude)

After the Zambesi show (parking garage venue!) screwing around with Sarge and Gala pretending to do some kind of sixties glam thing and seeing how I feel about stiletto heels after a long separation. This is maybe one of the best vintage dresses I’ve ever thrifted, I’d love it even without the Tinkerbell-ish pinking sheared hem. And the perfectly awkward length sleeves. And heavy silk draping. Ahh it’s so perfect that it makes no sense. The show itself was massively on the way.

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12:27 am

polaroid scene

05/10/2010, new zealand, nightlife, nyc

Polaroids from the past month (New York, New Zealand, and LA this past weekend) scattered on my floor. I knew when I bought the Fujifilm Instax that I was either going to forget about it entirely or use it to death and go broke over constantly re-buying film. Turned out to be option B. I’ll try to get going on scanning these soon.

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10:11 pm

lonely hearts collection

04/10/2010, inspiration, my photography, new zealand

Visiting Helene and Steve, the duo behind Lonely Hearts (perhaps better known for their like-no-other cutout bodysuits and bras), is always one of my favorite parts of New Zealand fashion week. They’re so sweet and unassuming, I swear they’re straight out of a fairy tale where it’s all apricot meringues, crisp blue-skied days, and hand knit sweaters. CONTINUE READING

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2:55 am


30/09/2010, new zealand, runway

Slices of the Salasai show last week that I loved. The gold foiling at the hair was mesmerizing..medieval princess from the front and alien growth in the back. Leather tshirts looked almost soft enough to be fabric, the classic button down was tweaked and sashed, and that knotted sweater the perfect mass of controlled chaos. I clicked around on their site for a bit and their previous collection offers similarly awesome pieces in netted leather and sheer silks. Would probably screw around with foiling my head in some meek imitation if I had the slightest idea where to begin.

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11:13 am

fifteen strange seconds

28/09/2010, fashion week, new zealand, vintage

A couple moments in Auckland: grabbing a bite to eat in my disintegrating vintage jacket and a freezing sunrise from the Hilton.

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