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teen vogue young hollywood party

19/10/2010, california love, la, nightlife

(Elizabeth and James Greta kimono top, Dannijo necklaces, silk petal shorts, Jeffrey Campbell taupe Lita shoes, Balenciaga bag)

From a couple weekends ago at Paramount Studios, during the last full-on heat wave weekend we had here. My friend Andrew (Teen Vogue’s Style Blogger – Bryan and I mock him endlessly for not having an actual blog whilst throwing that title around) came out to LA to make sure everything went smoothly ie. accompany me while testing out Toast’s red velvet cupcakes and having drinks at bafflingly farmy smelling bars, peruse Pendleton at Opening Ceremony and try to convince me I needed a pair of Alexander Wang boots I probably need but continue to resist, and introduce me to the crooners at Dresden. Tangents. The party started off with a show put on by Michael Kors around the fountain, and the paper lanterns hanging in the trees and white couches scattered across the grass made for a beautiful scene. This month’s cover girl Lauren Conrad was in attendance looking impossibly polished, Alexa Chung DJ-ed, Amy Astley was as gracious as ever, and Andrew ran around looking slightly worried until we migrated to Hemingway’s so that actual worrisome things could happen.

What really matters: I’m joining in the choir of Lita obsessers. These are the most comfortable shoes to boost one so high, ever.

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revolve at venice beach

18/10/2010, beach life, california love, la

I’m working on a project with one of my favorite boutiques Revolve that kicked off on Friday with a shoot in Venice Beach. The relentless gloom was perfect for the fall pieces I chose: chunky knits, velvet shorts, leather leggings, and that awesome scraggly Free People jacket that Abbey Lee wore with like, a nightgown at Paris fashion week.Actually add in one almost non-existent wisp of a thing too, the Dermis dress by Stone Cold Fox. David Rodriguez tried out a couple hairstyles on me that I would never have dreamed up..first it was feathers (we held a pretty serious conference over coffee on what color to use and decided on this very uh “natural” in hot pink and turquoise were the other options), then an upward braid-rooted topknot inspired by the hair at Sass & Bide this season. We shot till all the churro stands were closed and cops started barking things at us from SUVs and finished the night off at M Cafe.

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any town anywhere

03/09/2010, alexander wang, california love, la

(Free People dress, Alexander Wang Angela clutch, Jeffrey Campbell boots, re-strung Forever 21 necklace)

My friend Kris over at Free People sent me this dress a few weeks ago..along with a note with one of her crazy illustrations taking over most of the page and a description of what inspired her to design it that made me smile hard. Of course I can’t find said note and am kicking myself for losing track of it..but as I remember, it was something along the lines of stranded gothic Pilgrim boys and ancient fishermen (or bored sirens?) sucked into a vortex in the sea (this is all surely 100% wrong). Definitely some ’90s minimalism at play there too. Anyway, I love all henleys. Seriously. Even though when I wore the henley in it’s purest form (Alexander Wang’s thermal long johns…yeah I’m still standing by that one) people got all mad about it on here. But yeah, striped, thermal, sheer, ribbed, oversized, skintight..all awesome when henley-ified. Buttons are a powerful thing. However, a good long dress version has been evading me for so long that I stopped believing in it..imagine my surprise when it showed up on my doorstep. Pretty rad..and kind of weird. Such a good basic to have around.

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how can you forget to breathe

01/09/2010, ankle boots, beach life, california love, jewelry, la

(poncho courtesy of Leyendecker, IRO bodysuit, Fiorentini and Baker boots)

The fact that this thing looks exactly like the blanket stashed in my car for spontaneous picnics and bonfires makes it feel like I’ve already owned it forever. Though this version 2.0 deal might be a little more flattering to drape all over the place and I’ll probably think twice before laying it on top of questionable grass and sand. Wore this to Venice Beach and it was all so quiet and perfect and warm that it stopped feeling real pretty quickly.

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summer skin

24/08/2010, california love, la, my photography, neverending summer, sd, vintage

1. twentysevennames sheer tshirt and thrifted suede skirt (think it was someone’s DIY Halloween project at one point) shot with a Fuji Instax
2. the dreamcatcher I bought a few weeks ago by my window
3. kimono dress that Obakki gave me, worn with rolled down Erin Wasson x RVCA knit one-piece and RVCA side slit top that I lost at Narita last month in an attempt to get my suitcase under 50 lbs.
4. matcha lattes at Urth
5. Pacific Beach
6. view from a gas station – old VW bus flanked by palm trees

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