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14/01/2011, california love, la, my photography, palm springs

1. One Teaspoon beaded bustier dress bought in New Zealand and LF long sheer dress from San Francisco
2. marsh life in Sonoma
3. sunset from Hollywood Boulevard
4. prepping in sequins in Palm Springs

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picnic at griffith park

12/11/2010, california love, la, topshop

(Isosceles necklace, LF lace top, vintage Levi’s shorts, Topshop boots and jacket)

We became fixated upon the idea of a picnic around 2 o’clock this day, and by the time a comforter had been sourced at Target (apparently picnic blankets are seasonal even in California and had just stopped being stocked..of course) and we’d ransacked Trader Joe’s and 7-11 for seaweed, orange juice, champagne, trail mix, and nachos for the males, the sun was verging on non-existent. I grabbed my Topshop coat from the car after a while and we hung out for a couple hours and just talked. And wore our new headgear. Scored this wolf hood for $25 at some random store on Hollywood Blvd. while shopping for Halloween costumes – worth every penny for its ability to balance out freezing in a completely sheer top.

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10/11/2010, california love, la, silverlake, zara

(fashiontoast x Dannijo Isosceles Necklace, Zara leather jacket, LNA tank, Pendleton x Opening Ceremony wool shorts, Theory bag)

The cafe that doubles as my second home when I’m at my place in Silverlake. Mostly because I still don’t have internet there. Or silverware, for that matter. This ruined Bryan‘s life a little bit when he was staying with me but we made a routine of lugging our laptops to LA Mill, him possibly multiple times a day (while I slept in..let me note that he sleeps about as much as a goldfish..but gives good post-lights out girltalk), to try and stay caught up on everything. Luckily they serve everything from breakfast and the best hot chocolate I’ve had outside of Italy to wine and some strangely varied dinner options. I can’t be the only one that gets suspicious when restaurants serve Japanese food alongside pasta and caesar salad…

Anyway, we took these these shots before sitting down to answer emails for 4 straight hours and after I painstakingly taught him how to focus with a DSLR. Wearing pretty much all of my current favorite pieces..I bought the jacket at Zara in Harajuku this summer. I’ve got the exact same one in black that they sold last winter and immediately grabbed this one when I recognized all the detailing. I love that it gets visibly more broken in with every wear.

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off melrose

04/11/2010, california love, la, topshop

(fashiontoast x Dannijo Isosceles Necklace, H&M dress, Topshop boots, Balenciaga bag, Karen Walker shades)

I got this dress at H&M with my mom last month – I was in San Francisco for the day so I made her take me shopping after she picked me up at the airport. More to make sure we spent time together than because I was looking for something in particular..this ended up being my only purchase aside from cream puffs and coffee. I love that it looks like a nightgown and that there really is that much material to swoosh around in. Worn this weekend with various round things on my head to brunch at Alcove Café in Los Feliz.

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crush crush crash

03/11/2010, california love, halloween, la, silverlake

This weekend I played hostess to a five day long organic café tour and slumber party at my place in Silverlake with my beloved Bryanboy, who was not only visiting LA but California for the first time. Ever. This also of course happened to coincide with Halloween so we spent a good chunk of time combing Hollywood Toy and Costume, Wasteland, and H&M, him to put together his “sexy Tavi” look (an approximation of her Proenza Schouler in case it wasn’t glaringly obvious) and me to browse aimlesssly and buy lots of things that didn’t relate to each other (deciding at the last minute to be a movie character so obscure that no reference points exist on the internet drained what little spirit I had to dress up this year). I’m partial to my newly assigned fraternal twin, but gage how he fared against the competition on Refinery 29. I ended up putting together a boggled failure of a costume that can only be described as broken fairy/confused raver/crushed insect circa 1990-something/drunk Tinkerbell. We went through the proper procedure of going to a few parties and freezing in between them with Colin, who came up for the night, but the highlight was definitely 7-11-ing at the end of the night all bundled up. And watching Bryan try to get away with a crotchety old woman act with multiple cab drivers. And discussing tapeworms at length in a car full of people that probably didn’t want to discuss tapeworms. And remembering that Silly String and Blow Pops exist. And hailing that last cab so triumphantly that it pretty much happened in slow motion. Halloween never goes the way you think it will.

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