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hollywood hills

02/08/2011, balenciaga cutout boots, california love, la, theyskens' theory

(Theyskens’ Theory leather dress, Balenciaga cutout boots)

Some spots really are inevitable blog posts so you probably knew this was coming, red ants and blazing sun notwithstanding. The dress is past season but I got it on size too big but I like that it isn’t skintight…makes it slightly less questionable on a dirt plateau. Not that I’m one to care too much but still, I try to be at least aware of awkward situations. I love that the back is scooped out about half a mile and the straps have that unexpected white worked into them.

I’m trying to squeeze in every bit of summer in LA while I can..the next couple weeks will be spent road tripping back and forth across California and then it’s off to Tokyo again at the end of the month before heading to New York and Europe for fashion month again. So soon! I’ll treasure the days in between spent at home. Small goals: make it to Harry Potter while it’s still in theaters, work out every morning before the heat settles in, make use of the giant sketchpad on my desk, have dinner at Gjelina in Venice (my favorite…best selection of local vegetables), head to the beach a few more times, and figure out a hotel for New York. Oh and also to hopefully post the rest of my travel photos from June…finally.

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westmount dr.

31/07/2011, california love, la, theyskens' theory

(Theory sweater, Theyskens’ Theory trousers and messenger bag, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Ray-ban sunglasses, Michael Kors watch)

I have this unstoppable lean back. It’s pretty terrible. This is actually a mild rendition.

Took this shot in West Hollywood a couple days ago. These navy silk trousers are my new favorite to mindlessly reach for in the mornings. So comfortable but not quite sloppy so this seemed appropriate to post on a Sunday.

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nylon x olivia wilde

28/07/2011, la, nightlife, the prada platforms

(vintage leopard print dress, Alexander Wang Jade clutch, Prada suede platform sandals)

Last night’s Nylon party at Sky Bar. This dress (well probably just large-ish a lot of these on my record) has been left untouched in my closet for months after getting it a thrift store in San Diego. I was getting ready last night and just felt too dressed up in the Camilla & Marc dress I had loosely planned on wearing. Plus I got the thumbs up from Colin on this one. Helps sometimes. Anyway, the party. Olivia Wilde is perfection, I finally got to meet the super sweet and beautiful Gillian Zinser, I managed not to fall in the pool in my Prada sandals, and we ended up with Mark Hunter giving us a tour of his house and his roommate putting on a show for us in his six inch cow print boots while I sipped Smartwater and flipped through Teen Vogue. Of course.

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to go

27/07/2011, california love, la

I can’t get enough of sweaters and tiny shorts..makes about as much sense as boots and shorts and I obviously never had a problem with that one either. Here a couple days ago in Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Melinda’ knit and Pendleton x Opening Ceremony dark denim.

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fno la

27/07/2011, la

It was such an honor to be involved as an “LA icon” in the PSA for LA’s Fashion’s Night Out on Friday. Such a fun crew and I got to work with Dimitri James, whose makeup I think I need to experiment some more with. He seriously made my skin look perfect.

On my mind right now: how I’m going to survive on juice for the next three days (just started my first Pressed Juicery cleanse), a certain eBay auction, and what to wear for the Nylon party in West Hollywood tonight….

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