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18/12/2013, jewelry, la

 photo pandora3_zps63c6bfdb.jpg photo pandora6_zpsd3d09848.jpg photo p2_zpsda17e692.jpg

Pandora approached me to put together some bracelets from their Essence collection to represent the women in my life – I love the idea of individually selecting charms that represent key values. I’ve always admired the relationship that my mom has with her sisters and tried my best to put together a combination of pieces to honor it. The way that she approaches life has been continually inspiring to me – she taught me that believing that anything is possible to the point of being irrational is basically the only way. She is the strongest person I know and I love being smart enough now to appreciate her relentless and heavily emoji sprinkled texts. I chose strength, confidence, and wisdom – all the things I hope she successfully taught me. The perfect gift for someone in your life who needs to know how much you appreciate them.

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literally behind the shed

14/06/2013, california love, chloé, jewelry, neverending summer


photos by Colin Sokol

(Brandy Melville knit tank, Ksubi shorts, Chloé braided nude sandals, rings by Hortense, Bijules, and Gabriela Artigas, Cartier bracelet)

Summer uniform variant and weird vibes by the behemoth cactus. Must incorporate more plants that look like they can swallow you whole and cartoonishly lick their lips afterwards into this blog.

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negative space

13/06/2013, details, jewelry


photos Colin Sokol

My current hand situation – I’m all about tinily tough things lately. The newest addition is Paris to LA transplant Hortense’s Equal Love design in rose gold – her line is one of the few where I really think I would slavishly wear every last piece. The chains are so fine that they’re beyond delicate. I started off with the gold circle By Myself necklace, added a string bracelet to the equation last summer, and now this bad boy. I’m so excited that she has her own site up now so head that way if you like hands to look like this. The rest from this shoot will be up shortly!

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mixed metals

21/05/2013, details, jewelry


Right in the middle of packing for a trip is always my favorite time to sit down in a cross-eyed daze and compulsively organize pretty much anything. It’s all about stalling but not losing the air of productivity. I scooped up handfuls of jewelry from all over my house to make this shot happen. Lo my current favorites. Anyone else still using this zodiac ring organizer? Just me? Probably. Just a few more hours now till I’m off to Morocco!

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11/02/2013, details, jewelry

photo by Colin Sokol

iPhone sleeve by Stella McCartney, rings by Bijules, Made Her Think, and Catbird, cuff by Vita Fede

Holographic accessories are addictive, I’m finding. I think it’s because they fall into that category of slightly infantile things that make you smile. And they look really good with outfits that are all white. That’s an important one.

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