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tunnel vision

03/04/2013, j brand, la

Image Hosted by photo tandy10_zps84f70c15.jpg photo tandy9_zps82106c1f.jpg photo tand_zps01026b95.jpg

photos by Ben Baller

(J Brand Tandy jumpsuit, Elizabeth and James Saucy pumps)

Thank you Ben aka the most unlikely DSLR handler I personally know for taking these photos this past weekend in Hancock Park. I love how they came out! I wore the ideal blank slate of a jumpsuit with Elizabeth and James t-straps. I probably should have taken a shot of his shoes too because they were BLINDING and they had some sort of story associated with them about being in scarce supply in a global context. Next time.

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space candy

30/03/2013, céline, chloé, details, j brand, la, zara

 photo rosegold5_zpsd077168f.jpgImage Hosted by photo rosegold9_zpsa6346716.jpg

(J Brand Huston leather tank, Zara wrap skort, Céline hologram clutch, Chloé braided sandals)

I can’t even click in Zara’s direction without ordering the next piece I’ve convinced myself will bring together my spring wardrobe. An allure strong enough to validate a skort is never nothing – I love the clean lines and wrap effect going on here. I wore it with a paper thin leather top by J Brand and the sandals I barely took off last summer because it’s completely spring in LA and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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basking in the paris sun

10/03/2013, balenciaga, balenciaga cutout boots, j brand, paris

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(Sonia Rykiel jacket, J Brand leather pants, Balenciaga cutout boots)

There was one sunny day in Paris, it required Vèlib rentals and flat boots for freedom purposes and a suffocatingly warm jacket by Sonia Rykiel that I actually hardly took off the whole week. I’m probably the sixteen thousandth person to say this but there really is no better way to see the city and also almost die every other second than to glide through the streets on a bike. I’ve stayed in Le Marais a few times now but was able to discover such entire new pockets of it this time around.

 photo velib9_zps7a4c2acc.jpg photo velib7_zpsf596441f.jpg photo velib6_zpsbdb9df71.jpg

At beautiful Pont Notre Dame. Missing Paris already – I’m home in LA for a few days, next up London!

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broadway and grand

27/02/2013, j brand, nyc, proenza schouler, vintage

(Mademoiselle jacket, vintage tshirt, J Brand leather skinny trousers, Barbara Bui boots, Proenza Schouler PS11)

Quick flashback to New York in one of my, oh and I think everyone else ever’s, favorite ways to be dressed down. Skinny pants, tshirt, and fitted jacket formula, I hope you’re enjoying relevance immortality. This jacket is going to be my best friend this spring largely because I feel like it’s exactly what I’ve been fantasizing adding to my biker jacket collection for actual years now. Perfect fit and zipper pulls that took just enough steroids. I’m currently sitting at the Chicago airport in the weird sanctity of United’s “quiet room” while waiting for my flight to Paris and while at first I was whimpering out of boredom I am now like hey I feel pretty calm and focused. Don’t get me wrong, The Flight That Keeps On Getting Delayed More and More, you’re still ruining my life. Can’t wait to be in Paris already!

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survival skills

28/01/2013, brr dude, california love, j brand, san francisco, vintage, zara

photos by Colin Sokol

(Isabel Marant jacket, vintage shirt, J Brand Super Skinny leather pants, Zara boots)

An outfit from earlier this month in the Bay Area…Hong Kong is spoiling me with perfectly mild in-between weather that just sort of requires a jacket nearby during the day but I’m already getting nervous about the arctic tundra of New York fashion week around the corner. This was intensified when I saw a photo that Behati Prinsloo Instagrammed of a gushing fire hydrant that wasn’t actually gushing because the water had frozen stiff. That’s like White Witch devilry! It was in the low ’40s when we took these shots and I was already making a beeline for my car’s heated seats. Ok so this wasn’t the most intricately layered look but this jacket is crazy warm like a burning cloud. So my question is how are you actual winter dwellers doing it? At what ° does personal style start to matter less? Can you use the degree symbol like that? Ok three questions.

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