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waffles in bed

01/09/2011, details, in my closet, phillip lim, zara

The sweater I’m wearing in the previous post is from Zara..always love a good waffle knit. Might be an extension of my love of thermals. It’s almost long enough to be a dress but good to stick some shorts underneath. Pictured here with: 3.1 Phillip Lim quilted leather shorts, Honeydew’s Camellia bralette, and Balenciaga giant hardware clutch.

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the boots

26/07/2011, ankle boots, in my closet, isabel marant, shoe porn

The simultaneously ubiquitous and elusive ‘Dicker’ boot by Isabel Marant. I tried them on at Barney’s in New York this past February and almost caved..should have just gone for it but at least I can really appreciate them now. They have this rugged feel ideal for wearing every day (and I have been) but the heel makes them just feminine enough. Obviously the battle between taupe and black was too difficult. Wouldn’t want to break my brain and all.

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underneath it all

08/05/2011, details, in my closet

(Theyskens’ Theory bustier top, Alexander Wang knit bra)

With the amount of flimsy tank tops and scraggly sheer things I wear, what’s underneath really counts. Alexander Wang does lingerie so rarely that I always make sure to look out for it – usually it’s around springtime that anything is released, a couple pieces at a time if not just one. My first purchase was an elastic strap mesh layered one, last year it was a few athletically inspired pieces, and this spring it’s this ribbed knit that lies perfectly flat against the skin. So comfortable it’s addicting. Then this satin bustier top that I bought on Melrose shopping with Bryan a couple weekends ago that will be perfect layered over simple dresses, again with the thick elastic straps. Not as wearable for every day but so beautiful.

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from down under

04/01/2011, in my closet, shoe porn

Tristan Blair Samantha wedges

I came home to these beautiful slightly mad suede wedges that Tristan Blair sent me. Can’t wait to wear them!

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what i’m thinking for spring

15/04/2010, in my closet, shoe porn

Not that seasons exist here or anything. Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I’m a spur of the moment dresser to the point of annoying myself but these are just my favorite things right now. A couple new pieces mixed in here that I can’t wait to wear..

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