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at bcbg

13/09/2009, fashion week, nyc

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(BCBG dress, Noir bracelet, Alexander Wang bag, Bebe boots)

The BCBG show was beautiful..I of course loved the tiny dresses with mesh slashed across them but also stunning were the plays on tshirt dresses, thick black paneling layered over prints, and the pairing of neon and gray. My favorite has to have been the draped white minidress and I know I’m not alone on that one..there was an audible collective gasp when the sequin detailing in the back became visible.

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riding in cars

12/09/2009, fashion week, nyc

(vintage everything, Docs)

Some shots driving into the city from JFK. We’ve been in New York for a few days now, I know…light years have passed but I’ve had some laptop issues, sorry!! After checking in at the Soho Grand, it was straight to a dinner at Hotel Griffou hosted by Coach, where Karla and I finally met and shared most flavors of desserts worth sharing. So much to post as soon as I get some time…so far it’s been the BCBG show, Pastis, Topshop, Fashion’s Night Out at Coach and Barney’s before Opening Ceremony, random party after random party, pizza in hotel rooms, a fitting for Hervé Léger, wandering around Chinatown, using platforms against puddles, cheap sushi, expensive coffee, a long catching up with Kristin, and the Erin Wasson x RVCA show.


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slick streets

25/03/2009, fashion week, paris

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(vintage vest worn over vintage leather fringed motorcycle jacket, thermal top, Levi’s shorts, Chloe boots, Givenchy bag)

Well I’m still going through our photos (and video footage) from Paris which are chaotically divided between multiple memory cards but here are some shots from our second to last day there. That morning I ended up running in the rain to get to a photo shoot for Elle France (leave it to Colin to snap that frenzied moment so artistically) with photographer Alex Isard. Thankfully he was as gracious about us getting uhm slightly lost on the way there as he was fun to work with. See me juggling my huge bag and my Macbook that they wanted in the shot rather unskillfully as Alex’s assistant looks on.

I found myself wearing multiple pairs of tights to keep warm, this California girl is just as much of a weather wimp as you’d expect. Denim wasn’t too helpful either since I seem to have torn gaping holes into most of my jeans. Buuut I’m gearing up for colder conditions again this Sunday when I fly out to NYC for another (secret for now) shoot that I’m really excited about. It seems spring has not yet arrived in New York? I’ll be there sans Colin so I’ll try to document as best I can…staying till Wednesday but my time isn’t really going to be mine, which means I may not be able to get a glimpse of Topshop’s long-awaited opening but you never know.

And thank you for the sweet comments on the last post, especially the ones about the hair..I’m inspired to play around with it a bit more now.

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basic instinct

11/03/2009, fashion week, paris

(Alexander Wang sweater, Forever 21 thermal, Topshop patent leather skinnies, Chloe boots, Oasis bag, Deep in Vogue scarf)

This scarf has served as everything from security blanket to pillow to instant heater on this trip…thank you to Vera for providing me with all of the above. 

The cold here isn’t as bad as I expected but the quickly changing weather conditions definitely weird me out…a minute after we took these actual umbrella-inverting horizontal rain forced us to take shelter behind a massive pillar before making a break for the nearest cafe. Disconcerting, but at least half of me was waterproof.

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ungaro afterparty

10/03/2009, fashion week, paris

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(Stylestalker dress over American Apparel mesh dress, Chloe wedges)

Sunday night we took off to the afterparty and had a blast..everyone from Rachel Zoe to Jean Paul Paula was there..

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